Wicked: Release date, Cast, Plot And Everything We know

Wicked: Release date, Cast, Plot And Everything We know
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After years of anticipation and speculation, director Jon M. Chu dropped a

bombshell in April 2022, revealing that the Wicked movie will now be split

into two films. That’s right, fans will get not just one, but two movies to immerse

themselves in the world of Oz and follow the journeys of Elphaba and Glinda,

played by the powerhouse duo of Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande.

This decision to divide the story into two parts was made to give the creative

team a “bigger canvas” to work with, ensuring that none of the beloved musical

numbers or important characters would be left out. Chu expressed his excitement

at being able to tell the story of Wicked as it was meant to be told, with ample

room to delve into the complexities of the characters and the intricate world

of Oz.

Since the initial announcement of the film adaptation in 2016, fans have been

eagerly awaiting any and all updates, and the casting of Erivo and Grande as the

iconic witches of Oz only fueled the excitement. With Chu’s revelation of the film

being split into two parts, anticipation has reached new heights as fans eagerly

await more details about the production.

As the pieces of this magical puzzle continue to come together, fans of Wicked

can’t wait to see how the story unfolds across two films, with Erivo and Grande

bringing their talents to the roles of Elphaba and Glinda. It’s safe to say that the

Wicked movie is shaping up to be a spellbinding cinematic experience that will

transport audiences to the enchanting world of Oz like never before.

Who is in the Wicked movie cast?

Who is in the Wicked movie cast?
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The star-studded cast of the Wicked movie is shaping up to be truly wickedly

talented! After the casting announcements of Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande

as Elphaba and Glinda, respectively, Broadway legends Kristin Chenoweth and

Idina Menzel, who originated the roles on Broadway, gave their enthusiastic

seal of approval. Chenoweth took to Instagram to express her pride and

congratulated Grande, while Menzel sent her well wishes to Erivo and Grande,

acknowledging the impact of the iconic roles on their lives.

In September 2022, director Jon M. Chu revealed that Bridgerton heartthrob

Jonathan Bailey would be joining the cast as Fiyero, the main love interest in

the musical, adding to the excitement surrounding the film. Chu couldn’t

contain his enthusiasm, gushing about Bailey’s perfect fit for the role and teasing

the chemistry between him, Grande, and Erivo.

As the cast continued to take shape, Variety reported that Jeff Goldblum was in

final talks to play the Wizard, and in December 2022, Oscar-winner Michelle

Yeoh was in talks to play Madame Morrible. Goldblum later confirmed his role

during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, hinting at the incredible performances

by Grande and Erivo.

The cast also includes a talented lineup of stars, including Ethan Slater, known for

his role in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical, as Boq, Marissa Bode as

Nessarose, Bowen Yang as Pfannee, Bronwyn James as ShenShen, Keala Settle as

Miss Coddle, Aaron Teoh as Avaric, and Colin Michael Carmichael as Professor

Nikidik, as reported by Variety.

With such a powerhouse cast, the anticipation for the Wicked movie continues

to soar, and fans can’t wait to see these talented actors bring the beloved

characters of Oz to life on the big screen in their own unique and captivating


Who is directing movie?

Who is directing movie?
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The Wicked movie has had its fair share of twists and turns behind the scenes!

Originally, Tony-award winner Stephen Daldry was set to direct, but he exited

the production in October 2020, leaving fans in suspense. However, the project

found a new visionary in Jon M. Chu, known for his work on box-office hits like

Crazy Rich Asians and the film adaptation of Broadway’s In the Heights, who

took over the helm in February 2021.

But that’s not all! Fans of the original Broadway musical will be thrilled to hear

that some familiar faces are returning for the film. Stephen Schwartz and Winnie

Holzman, who co-wrote the music and lyrics for the Broadway show, are now

adapting the screenplay, bringing their magic to the big screen. And Marc Platt,

who served as a producer for the Broadway production, is also back on board to

bring his expertise to the movie adaptation.

With these talented individuals at the helm, the Wicked movie is sure to be an

exciting and enchanting cinematic experience. As fans eagerly await its release,

they can’t help but wonder what new twists and surprises Chu, Schwartz, Holzman,

and Platt have in store for this beloved story.

How will the Wicked movie be different from the musical?

On the red carpet at the 2022 SAG Awards, Erivo, who is set to play Elphaba,

revealed that the film will offer a fresh take on the beloved story.

“I think it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before,” Erivo teased

to Entertainment Tonight. “We’re going to enjoy the magic of it. We’re going to

try and put our own spin on what we know already and show you a story about

two women who are sisters.”

Her words left fans buzzing with excitement and curiosity. What could this “own spin”

entail? How will the movie explore the relationship between Elphaba and Glinda

as sisters? Erivo’s tease has ignited anticipation for a new and unique perspective

on the Wicked story, promising a fresh and captivating cinematic experience.

As fans eagerly await the release of the Wicked movie, Erivo’s hint has sparked

intrigue and speculation about the creative choices and surprises that await us.

Get ready to be swept away by the magic of Wicked like never before!

Will there be new music in the Wicked movie?

Will there be new music in the Wicked movie?
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Hold onto your witch’s hat, because the Wicked movie is not just bringing

beloved songs from the Broadway show to the big screen, but also some

brand new tunes! Award-winning composer Stephen Schwartz spilled the

beans back in 2016, revealing that there will be not just one, not two, but

four new songs in the movie adaptation.

“I can tell you that at least as of now there will be probably four new songs in

the movie,” Schwartz shared with Playbill, leaving fans in eager anticipation.

He added that three of these songs are freshly written, while one is a gem that

was cut from the original Broadway production.

Recently, Schwartz gave fans a sneak peek into the recording process, sharing a

photo on his online fan newsletter, The Schwartz Scene. The snapshot featured

himself, along with music director Stephen Oremus, and actors Troy Iwata, Marissa

Rosen, and Wendi Bergamini, in the midst of a demo recording session for the

movie. The image sparked curiosity and speculation about what these new songs

could sound like and how they will fit into the already beloved Wicked repertoire.

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When did the movie start filming?

The excitement is palpable as the stars of the Wicked movie, Cynthia Erivo and

Ariana Grande, gear up for their roles with rehearsals and filming preparations.

In a candid conversation with ET, Erivo spilled the beans, revealing that she and

Grande would be diving into rehearsals in July 2022. Fans were buzzing with

anticipation, eager to see these two powerhouses bring their talents to the iconic

roles of Elphaba and Glinda.

But the anticipation reached a fever pitch when Grande dropped a major hint in

October 2022. The pop sensation debuted her stunning blonde hair, leaving fans

speculating that filming for Wicked was about to kick off. Social media was abuzz

with theories and excitement, as Grande’s transformation further fueled the buzz

around the highly anticipated movie adaptation.

Finally, in December 2022, director Jon M. Chu confirmed the news that fans had

been eagerly waiting for – filming had officially begun. The Wicked movie was

officially in production, and fans could hardly contain their excitement. With Erivo

and Grande at the helm, along with an incredible cast and crew, the stage was set

for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

As the journey from rehearsals to filming unfolded, fans eagerly awaited updates,

sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the magical world of Wicked.

The anticipation continued to build, as fans counted down the days until they

could see their favorite musical come to life on the big screen. The Wicked movie

was shaping up to be a blockbuster event that would capture the hearts of audiences

around the world.

When is the Wicked movie release date?

When is the Wicked movie release date?
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The release date saga of the highly anticipated Wicked movie took fans on a

rollercoaster ride of emotions. Originally set for Dec. 22, 2021, fans eagerly

marked their calendars and counted down the days. But, alas, COVID-19-related

production delays threw a wrench in the plans, and the release was pushed back.

Director Jon M. Chu kept fans on their toes with a statement in April 2022, teasing

that the Wicked films would be released “on successive Christmas holidays

beginning December 2024.” While fans were disappointed by the delay, they

held on to the hope of a magical holiday release in a couple of years.

But then, a twist in the tale came in March 2023 when Ariana Grande, who plays

Glinda in the movie, shared a cryptic black and green image on her social media.

Fans were left buzzing with speculation as they deciphered the hidden message

“Wicked. November 27, 2024.” The release date had been moved up by a month!

The excitement was palpable, and fans couldn’t wait to mark their calendars once

again for the new release date.

With each update and revelation, the anticipation for the Wicked movie continued

to soar. Fans eagerly awaited the chance to finally experience the beloved musical’s

iconic story and mesmerizing music come to life on the big screen. The release date

shuffle only added to the anticipation, making the wait for November 27, 2024, feel

like an eternity. But one thing was certain – when the movie finally hit theaters, it was

sure to be worth the wait!

Why will there be two movies based on the play Wicked?

Why will there be two movies based on the play Wicked?
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In a move that delighted fans and stirred up excitement, Chu took to Instagram

with a surprising announcement in April 2022. Using official Wicked letterhead,

he shared a screenshot that revealed his decision to extend the movie adaptation

into not just one, but two films!

Chu explained that as he and the team worked on the project, they realized that

cutting songs or trimming characters would compromise the integrity of the beloved

source material that has captivated audiences for years. Instead, they decided to

give themselves a bigger canvas to work with, allowing them to fully tell the story

of Wicked as it was meant to be told while adding even more depth and surprises

to the journeys of the iconic characters.

Fans were thrilled by the news, buzzing with excitement over the prospect of not

just one, but two Wicked movies. The decision to extend the story, rather than

making cuts, was seen as a bold move that showed Chu’s commitment to preserving

the integrity of the beloved musical while elevating it to new heights on the big

screen. The anticipation for the Wicked movie saga grew even stronger, with fans

eagerly speculating on what surprises and twists might be in store for them in

the extended storyline. It was clear that Chu’s decision had struck a chord with

fans, fueling their excitement and anticipation for the much-anticipated movie


Is There Any Movie Available Wicked?

Is There Any Movie Available
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There is no movies are available of Wicked movie.

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, there has not been a movie

adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked released yet. However, there have

been plans and announcements for a Wicked movie adaptation, as discussed

in our previous conversations. The release date for the Wicked movie has been

pushed back due to production delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and

as of the latest update in March 2023, the movie is now set to be released on

November 27, 2024.

Why is This Movie so popular?

Why is Wicked so popular?
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At the heart of Wicked’s astounding success lies its unparalleled originality, its

soul-stirring melodies, and its universal appeal that transcends age barriers.

This captivating musical weaves a tale of two witches – the misunderstood and

green-skinned Elphaba, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West, and the

glamorous Glinda the Good Witch. As their unlikely friendship unfolds against a

backdrop of magical realms and enchanting adventures, Wicked casts a spell on

audiences, the power of compassion and acceptance reigns supreme. From

the captivating

characters to the unforgettable songs that leave audiences humming long after

the curtains close, Wicked casts its spell and leaves a mark that lingers in the hearts

of all who experience its breathtaking magic.

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