Bird Box Barcelona: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know

Bird Box Barcelona: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know

Hold on tight, Bird Box fans! Get ready for a thrilling new chapter in the Bird Box universe with the upcoming spinoff, Bird Box Barcelona.This exciting series of localised movies will come together to create an interconnected shared universe. In this first spinoff, a father and his young daughter navigate a dystopian future, fighting for their lives in the haunting city of Barcelona.

Bird Box Barcelona Release date

Bird Box Barcelona Release date
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Exciting news for Bird Box fans! Mark your calendars because Bird Box Barcelona, the highly anticipated

spinoff, will be streaming exclusively on Netflix starting July 14, 2023. If you haven’t experienced the

original Bird Box yet, fear not! You can catch the gripping post-apocalyptic thriller on Netflix right now.

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The Cast And Crew

Who's in the Cast of Bird Box Barcelona?
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Bird Box Barcelona boasts an incredible ensemble cast that is sure to bring the dystopian world to life.

Mario Casas, known for his role in Three Steps Above Heaven, takes on the lead role of Sebastian, a

determined father fighting for survival. Alejandra Howard, known for her work in The Wasteland, portrays

his daughter Anna, bringing a sense of vulnerability and resilience to the character.

Joining them in this thrilling adventure are talented actors who will take on various roles. Georgina

Campbell, acclaimed for her performance in Barbarian, adds her expertise to the cast. Diego Calva, known

for his work in Babylon, brings his unique presence to the screen. Michelle Jenner, recognized for her role

in Isabel, contributes her talent to the film’s ensemble. Leonardo Sbaraglia, celebrated for his

performance in Pain and Glory, lends his skills to the project as well.

The cast further includes Lola Duenas, known for her role in The Sea Inside, Patrick Criado from Riot

Police, and Gonzalo de Castro from Doctor Mateo. With such a diverse and accomplished cast, Bird Box

Barcelona promises to deliver compelling performances and a captivating on-screen dynamic.

What Is Bird Box Barcelona About?

What Is Bird Box Barcelona About?
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In the parallel timeline of Bird Box Barcelona, the desolate streets of Barcelona, Spain serve as the

backdrop for Sebastian and his daughter Anna’s harrowing journey. As they navigate the treacherous

cityscape, they must not only evade the creatures responsible for the global devastation but also contend

with an ominous and “even more sinister” threat. The nature of this threat remains a mystery, but

according to the announcement from Tudum, Netflix’s official blog, it raises questions about the uneasy

alliance formed between the survivors.

The dynamics within the group of survivors become crucial to the story, hinting at potential conflicts,

hidden agendas, and betrayals. Sebastian and Anna find themselves in a perilous situation, surrounded by

danger from both the creatures and the mysterious threat within their midst. How they will manage to

escape and overcome these challenges is a tantalizing question that adds to the suspense and intrigue of

Bird Box Barcelona.

Fans of the original film will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the

revelations and surprises that await Sebastian and Anna in this parallel timeline. As the father and

daughter duo navigate the treacherous world around them, viewers will be captivated by the thrilling

twists and turns of the plot, and the survival instincts they must employ to outwit the multiple threats

they face.

The Director

Who Made Bird Box Barcelona?
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Bird Box Barcelona is a project helmed by the talented filmmaker brothers David Pastor and Alex Pastor,

who both serve as the film’s writers and directors. Known for their work in the dystopian and sci-fi

genres, the brothers have previously collaborated on notable projects such as Carriers, The Last Days, and

Self/less, showcasing their skill in crafting compelling narratives within these genres.

The film brings together a team of experienced producers, including Dylan Clark, Chris Morgan, Josh

Malerman, and Ryan Lewis, all of whom were involved in the production of the first Bird Box film. Their

expertise and involvement ensure a seamless continuation of the franchise’s creative vision. Joining them

as producers are Núria Valls, recognized for her work on Through My Window, and Adrián Guerra, known

for his involvement in Buried.

The executive producers of Bird Box Barcelona include Ainsley Davies, who also contributed to the 2018

film, and Brian Williams, known for his work on The Wilds. Their creative insights and guidance contribute

to the film’s overall vision and execution.

Behind the camera, Daniel Aranyó, acclaimed for his work on Spider-Man: Far from Home, takes on the

role of cinematographer, bringing his expertise in capturing visually stunning scenes to the project.

Composing the score for the film is Zeltia Montes, known for her work on The Good Boss, who adds an

atmospheric and emotive layer to the storytelling.

Everything We Know

Bird Box Barcelona was first announced to the public in March 2021, creating a wave of excitement

among fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Bird Box universe. In October of the same year, the

cast announcements further fueled anticipation for the film, revealing the talented actors who would

bring the characters to life.

With the stage set, filming for Bird Box Barcelona commenced in early 2022, allowing the production

team to capture the atmospheric and evocative essence of Barcelona and its surroundings. The film’s

location serves as an integral part of the storytelling, immersing audiences in the dystopian world while

showcasing the beauty and distinctiveness of the Spanish city.

The filming process brought together the creative vision of the directors, the performances of the talented

cast, and the technical expertise of the production team. Together, they worked tirelessly to capture the

suspense, emotion, and intensity that define the Bird Box franchise.

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