Nimona movie:The cast, plot, release, date and everything we know

Nimona movie:The cast, plot, release, date and everything we know

The next Netflix film features an animated version of the shape-shifter Nimona Movie from N.D.


Nimona movie
Image credit by Netflix

The animated version of N.D. Stevenson’s Nimona, which has been in the works for almost eight years

now, is soon to be released on Netflix. This will make the beloved tale of a teenage shape-shifter and the

knight who is out to kill her — sort of — more accessible than ever.

Here is what you need to know about Movie if you are completely unaware with it before the movie

comes out and turns you become a fan as well.

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Nimona movie Release date

Nimona movie Release date
Image credit by Netflix

On June 30, 2023, Netflix will launch Nimona globally. It was apparently cancelled due to its LGBTQIA+

themes when another company was bought by Disney. It was once planned for release in 2020. The

rights were acquired by Annapurna Pictures, who collaborated with DNEG Animation and Netflix to make

the comic book into an animated film.

Is there a poster for Nimona?

Is there a poster for Nimona?
Image credit by Netflix

There is a Nimona poster! Check it out up.

The Cast And Crew

Who is in the voice cast of Nimona?
Image credit by Collider

The main heroine is portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz, while Ballister Blackheart, the knight entrusted with

slaying her, is portrayed by Riz Ahmed. In the film, Ambrosias Goldenloin is voiced by Eugene Lee Yang,

Sir Thaddeus Sureblade by Beck Bennett, Queen Valerin by Lorraine Toussaint, and Nate Knight by RuPaul.

What is Nimona Movie about?

What is Nimona Movie about?
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Around 102 minutes pass in Nimona.

You mean the story, I see. The Netflix synopsis is as follows: “A shape-shifting kid and a plucky knight

team up to show a sad crime victim that he is innocent. What if she turns out to be the monster he has

vowed to destroy?

Everything We Know

Things started to go bad after the Walt Disney Company acquired 20th Century Fox in March 2019. The

movie was repeatedly postponed, first to March 2021 and then to January 2022, before its status grew

hazy and it was repeatedly assured that it would be released at “some point” in 2022. As a result, the

movie was effectively cancelled when Disney officially closed Blue Sky Studios in February 2021. Former

Blue Sky employees said that Disney and the production firm had disagreements over a same-sex kiss and

other queer themes in the film after the project was cancelled, which may have contributed to some of

the delays.

According to those who had worked on it, the movie was almost three-quarters finished when it was

cancelled, which prompted the producers to look for interest from other studios in finishing and

distributing it. The independent film’s acquisition and impending Netflix release were both announced by

Annapurna Pictures in April 2022.

The film’s screenplay, written by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor based on the N.D. Stevenson comic, was

directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Duane.

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