Extraction 2: Release date, cast, Plot and everything We Know

Extraction 2: Release date, cast, Plot and everything We Know

Netflix’s Extraction 2, directed by Sam Hargrave and starring Chris Hemsworth, is anticipated to be a

thrilling continuation of the first film. Hemsworth plays a soldier-for-hire tasked with rescuing a crime

lord’s son. While Extraction received mixed reviews, its action and stunts were praised, drawing

comparisons to the popular John Wick franchise.

Extraction 2
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Hargrave, known for his work as a stunt performer on Avengers films, directed Extraction and will helm

the sequel. The trailer for Extraction 2 promises another intense experience, reminiscent of the

impressive car chase and gun battle scene from the first film. Hemsworth’s return is confirmed, resolving

the uncertain fate of his character, Tyler. While limited details are available, Netflix has provided some

updates on the highly anticipated sequel.

Extraction 2 Release date

Extraction 2 Release date
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Mark your calendars, action movie enthusiasts! Netflix has just made an electrifying announcement that

will send adrenaline surging through your veins. Brace yourselves for the highly anticipated release of

Extraction 2, set to explode onto the streaming platform on June 16, 2023.

The cast and crew

The Cast And Crew
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Exciting news for fans of Extraction! Chris Hemsworth is set to reprise his role as Tyler Rake in the sequel.

Joining him are Adam Bessa, known for his role in “Mosul,” returning as Yaz, and Rayna Campbell, who

played a radio tech in the first film, now playing Ruthie. The cast also includes Tinatin Dalakishivili as

Ketevan and Patrick Newall, previously an unnamed mercenary, now portraying Seb. Get ready for

another thrilling adventure!

What would Extraction 2’s storyline be?

What would Extraction 2's storyline be?
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Tyler Rake is back for more heart-stopping action in Extraction 2. This time, the Australian black ops

mercenary takes on a dangerous mission to rescue the family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from a

high-security prison. As he dives into the mission, Rake finds himself entangled in a chaotic prison riot,

battling heavily armed guards using shields, batons, and even Molotov cocktails. Director Sam Hargrave

revealed that the film features an impressive 21-minute fight sequence, surpassing the length of the one

take action scene from the first movie. Brace yourself for intense thrills as Rake’s arm is actually set on fire

during this extraordinary sequence. Get ready for another adrenaline-fueled adventure with Extraction 2.

The Trailer of Extraction 2

On April 3, 2023, Netflix released the official teaser trailer for Extraction 2. WATCH BELLOW

Trailer credit by Netflix

The two-minute teaser trailer for Extraction 2 indicates that Tyler Rake, the protagonist, lived through the

events of the previous movie despite not giving anything away about the plot. It implies that he was

pronounced clinically dead but was able to survive thanks to his sheer will and tenacity. The fight

sequence in the teaser has Rake fighting armed guards amid a jail riot while his fist is on fire. The film

ends with a suspenseful scene in which Rake is seen fighting an enemy chopper while perched on a

speeding railway.

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