10 Anime Series to Explore if You’re a Digimon Fan

10 Anime Series to Explore if You're a Digimon Fan

Here are 10 Anime Series to Explore if You’re a Digimon Fan.

The Digimon franchise boasts several anime series released since 1999. The initial series follows a group

of seven children who find themselves transported to the Digital World, where they befriend Digimon

creatures. Armed with Digivices, the children can evolve their Digimon into more powerful forms. Their

mission involves both finding a way back home and protecting the Digital World from imminent

destruction. Throughout their journey, they encounter Devimon, an evil Digimon who corrupts others to

fight against the children. As the story progresses, additional villains emerge, lurking in the shadows.

10 Anime Series
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There are also many similar series that Digimon fans may enjoy. Some have characters go on similar

adventures. Others have similar monsters for collecting or tournaments for fighting. A few of these

anime are also connected to video game franchises, much like Pokémon. Quite a few of these series

even have a few anime and manga spin-offs, giving fans entire franchises for them to enjoy.

1.Pokémon, 10 Anime Series to Explore

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Pokémon, derived from a beloved video game series, has become a timeless anime phenomenon. The

journey of Ash (or Satoshi) and his trusty Pikachu as they aspire to become Pokémon masters has

captivated children worldwide. In the Western world, it became a prominent part of the anime boom

during the 1990s. The franchise experienced a remarkable resurgence in the 2010s with the advent of the

Pokémon Go augmented reality game, captivating fans once again. Being a long-standing series,

multiple generations of children have grown up immersed in its captivating storytelling and vibrant world.


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In the world of Bakugan, Danma “Dan” Kuso stumbles upon a set of mysterious cards that lead him and

his friend Shun to create a game called “Bakugan.” As the game gains popularity, Dan and his friends

form a small group, utilizing these cards to summon powerful spirit monsters from the parallel world of

Vestroia. However, after using the Drago card, they find themselves embroiled in a battle that determines

the fate of Vestroia itself.

Bakugan harkens back to the nostalgia of various monster-catching anime series. Similar to Ash Ketchum

and his contemporaries, Dan dreams of becoming the ultimate brawler in the world of Bakugan. The

overarching theme of saving an alternate dimension resonates with the likes of Digimon. One distinctive

aspect of Bakugan is the ability of the Bakugan spirits to communicate with their human partners, even

while confined within their cards or devices.

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The Beyblade franchise revolves around the thrilling world of spinning tops. Originating as a manga called

Bakuten Shūto Beiburēdo, it has also gained widespread popularity as an anime series. In this universe,

teams compete against each other using specialized spinning tops known as Beyblades. One enthusiastic

Beyblade enthusiast is Tyson Granger, also known as Kinomiya Takao. He forms a team called the

Bladebreakers, consisting of fellow competitors who eventually become his close friends. Together, the

Bladebreakers embark on a global journey, participating in international tournaments and showcasing

their Beyblading skills.

During the second season, the Bladebreakers face a new challenge—protecting their bit-beasts, which are

powerful entities residing within their Beyblades. The franchise’s success has led to the creation of several

spin-off manga and anime series, including titles like Metal Fusion and BeyWheelz. Each installment

continues to captivate fans with exhilarating battles and the ever-evolving world of Beyblade.

4.Cardcaptor Sakura, 10 Anime Series

Cardcaptor Sakura, 10 Anime Series
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Cardcaptor Sakura, along with its sequel series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, combines the enchanting

elements of monster-collecting with the beloved magical girl genre. The story unfolds when Sakura

Kinomoto unintentionally releases the powerful Clow Cards from a mystical book. Tasked with retrieving

each of the missing cards, Sakura receives guidance from Cerberus, also known as Kero, the guardian of

the cards. Her cousin Tomoyo provides her with an array of battle costumes, adding a touch of fashion to

her adventures.

As Sakura embarks on her quest, a young boy named Syaoran Li arrives from Hong Kong, claiming to be

the rightful master of the Clow Cards. Initially serving as Sakura’s rival, Syaoran gradually develops respect

and admiration for her. However, other mysterious forces are also drawn to the power of the Clow Cards,

setting the stage for captivating conflicts and alliances in the series.


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Yatterman, a part of the Time Bokan series, follows the adventures of Gan Takada and Ai Kaminari, two

skilled mechanics who transform into the heroic duo known as Yatterman. As Yatterman-1 and Yatterman-

2, they combat evil in their quest to protect justice. Assisting them is their faithful robot dog, Yatterwan.

Their primary adversaries are the Doronbo Gang, consisting of Doronjo, Boyacky, and Tonzura. This

nefarious trio is relentlessly searching for the Dokuro Stones, also known as Skull Stones, which are

believed to grant unimaginable wealth in gold. The Doronbo Gang serves the enigmatic villain Dokurobei,

who holds a mysterious connection to the Skull Stones.

Yatterman shares certain elements that resonate with Pokémon fans, particularly in the dynamic between

the heroes and villains, which draws parallels to Team Rocket. Notably, the Doronbo Gang, with Doronjo

at the forefront, has garnered a significant fan following over the years. In the spin-off series Yatterman

Night, their descendants assume the roles of the heroes, further expanding the Yatterman universe.

6.Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch
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Yo-Kai Watch is an anime adaptation based on the popular video game of the same name. The series

delves into the fascinating world of yokai, supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore. The story

revolves around a young boy named Nate (Keita in the original Japanese version) who discovers a

mysterious capsule containing the mischievous yokai named Whisper. As a token of gratitude, Nate is

bestowed with the Yo-Kai Watch, a magical device that allows him to see and interact with other yokai.

Teamed up with Whisper, Nate embarks on a mission to prevent troublesome yokai from causing chaos in

town. He does so by either befriending them or engaging in battles alongside his other yokai allies.

Beyond the initial anime series, Yo-Kai Watch has expanded its universe with films, a darker spin-off called

Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside, and a subsequent sequel series. The concept of monster-catching anime draws

inspiration from the Japanese tradition of bug catching, which has long captivated the imaginations of

young children. In a charming nod to this, the first episode of Yo-Kai Watch showcases Nate stumbling

upon Whisper while engaging in beetle catching with his friends, complete with a net and all.

7.Monster Rancher, 10 Anime Series

Monster Rancher, 10 Anime Series
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Monster Rancher, also known as Monster Farm, centers around Genki Sakura, an avid fan of the popular

video games bearing the same name. Through a stroke of luck, Genki wins a mysterious disc that

unexpectedly transports him into a world resembling the Monster Rancher games. In this new realm,

Genki encounters Holly, a girl in need of assistance, and her companion Suezo, a cyclops-like creature.

Together, they embark on a quest to locate a powerful Phoenix trapped within a legendary disc. This

heroic mission is crucial for saving the world from the clutches of an evil tyrant. However, when Genki’s

own disc summons a different monster, Mocchi, a charming kappa-like creature, the group sets off on

their journey, forming new alliances and encountering various challenges along the way.

Similar to Pokémon, Monster Rancher traces its roots back to a video game franchise. However, unlike

Pokémon, the Monster Rancher games lean more towards the virtual pet genre, with players responsible

for raising and nurturing their monsters throughout their lifetimes. The unique gameplay mechanics of

the Monster Rancher series offer a distinct experience from the monster-catching adventures of Pokémon.


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Toriko revolves around the eponymous protagonist, a skilled Gourmet Hunter who embarks on globe-

spanning adventures in search of rare creatures and exotic food ingredients. Set in the Gourmet Age,

Toriko is accompanied by the talented yet timid chef, Komatsu. Together, they navigate the culinary world,

encountering formidable challenges and facing off against the Gourmet Corps, a group that seeks to

control the world’s food supply.

At its core, Toriko pays homage to classic anime genres. It combines the elements of cooking anime with

the thrilling storytelling of shonen works. Toriko himself draws inspiration from Kenshiro, the iconic

protagonist of Fist of the North Star. Within the Gourmet Age, the world is teeming with powerful Beasts,

which often manifest as unique and fantastical variations of real-world animals. This feature resonates

with the essence of monster-catching anime, where extraordinary creatures play a prominent role in the


Overall, Toriko offers a delightful blend of cooking, adventure, and monster-filled quests, appealing to

fans of both classic anime and the allure of culinary exploration.

9.Angelic Layer, 10 Anime Series

Angelic Layer
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Angelic Layer follows the journey of Misaki Suzuhara, who moves to Tokyo and discovers a popular

competitive game called “Angelic Layer.” This game involves designing and controlling specialized

fighting dolls known as “Angels” through mental manipulation. Misaki encounters a peculiar man named

“Icchan” who becomes her mentor, urging her to participate in the Angelic Layer tournaments. As she

immerses herself in the game, she meets fellow players and gradually unravels the deep connection

between Angelic Layer and her own past, particularly her enigmatic mother.

Despite its tournament-based premise, Angelic Layer is an original creation and not based on a

preexisting game. However, an RPG game was released that allowed players to train their own Angel. As a

series created by the renowned manga group Clamp, Angelic Layer shares a universe with other Clamp

properties. For instance, Misaki’s doll, Hikaru, is named after a character from Magic Knight Rayearth,

another Clamp work. Moreover, characters and their relatives make appearances in other Clamp series

such as Chobits and Kobato, further interconnecting the universe.

Through its engaging storyline and connections to the wider Clamp universe, Angelic Layer offers a

unique and captivating experience for fans of competitive gaming and the imaginative world-building

that Clamp is known for.

10.Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, 10 Anime Series

10 Anime Series
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters immerses viewers in a world where the immensely popular card game, “Duel

Monsters,” reigns supreme. The series centers around the protagonist, Yugi Muto, who possesses a

remarkable secret. By solving the ancient Millennium Puzzle, Yugi forms a profound bond with the spirit of

an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. This Pharaoh becomes his alter-ego, aiding him in duels whenever the need

arises. Yugi, along with his friends, becomes entangled in the high-stakes Duelist Kingdom tournament,

driven by the desire to rescue his imprisoned grandfather.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters specifically adapts the manga starting from its eighth volume. Prior to that,

there was an earlier Yu-Gi-Oh! anime in 1998, in which Yugi utilized his alter-ego, known as Yami, to

confront bullies and adversaries through “Dark Games.” Similar to Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! initially gained

popularity as a Saturday morning cartoon in the Western world. Throughout the years, the franchise

expanded and inspired various spin-offs, including Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, which often feature

new sets of characters at the forefront.

With its captivating duels and compelling storyline, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters captivated audiences,

leaving a lasting impact and paving the way for an enduring franchise that continues to captivate fans

around the world.

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