How to Watch Final Destination Movies in Order

How to Watch Final Destination Movies in Order

How to Watch Final Destination Movies, One of the most well-known horror franchises, Final

Destination has death as the antagonist. In 2000, the first installment of the Final Destination film series

was produced, and it quickly rose to prominence in the horror community. What if you were aware of your

impending demise? That is the main theme of the last destination series! Friends attempt to trick death,

but the dead don’t appreciate trickers.

How to Watch Final Destination Movies
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All five of its films are based on a Jeffrey Reddick unproduced spec script that was originally intended for

The X-Files television series and revolve around a small group of people who narrowly escape certain

death after one person (the protagonist) has a sudden premonition and alerts them to the impending

mass-casualty accident. The survivors first escape their predetermined deaths by reading omens provided

to them by another unidentified entity, but this time they are all murdered one by one in weird accidents

created by an invisible power that resemble Rube Goldberg machines. Therefore, in sequence of their

respective dates of release, watch all of the Final Destination films if you want to enjoy an unexpectedly

alert teen-scream catastrophe chiller.

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How to Watch Final Destination Movies in Chronological Order

1.Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination 5 (2011)
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In the newest “5nal Destination,” death makes a startling comeback. Final Destination 5 is the fifth movie

in the Final Destination series, and it centres on a young guy. When a suspension bridge starts to collapse,

Sam Lawton has a premonition and prevents the deaths of a number of people. Sam is successful in

convincing a few of his coworkers to leave the bridge before the collision takes place. Sam is informed

that Death is still chasing the survivors after Candice and Isaac perish in strange incidents, and that if he

wants to survive he must kill someone who was never intended to die on the bridge and take their

remaining life. Before they have a chance to defend themselves,However, Nathan takes on the life of a

coworker after he unintentionally kills him in a workplace accident. Being envious that Molly lived rather

than Candice, Peter makes an effort to murder her. His lifetime gradually increases to that of an

investigative agent, but Sam kills him before he can murder Molly. Later, Sam and Molly board Flight 180

from the first movie, which turns out to be their flight to Paris. Molly is pulled out of the plane as the

fuselage is split apart by the bursting engine fragments, and Sam is killed in the resulting explosion. Since

the coworker whose life he claimed to have saved had a fatal condition and the landing gear was sent

flying towards New York City, it crashed into a cocktail club, killing Nathan.

2.Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination (2000)
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Death won’t accept a negative response. Death is near. High school student Alex Browning is cursed with

knowing when, how, and where the grim reaper will take his next victim to the Final Destination in the first

film of the Final Destination movie series. High school student Alex Browning boards a flight to Europe

with his fellow French club members when he suddenly gets a vision of the plane exploding shortly after

takeoff, killing everyone on board. Alex is in a frenzy and orders everyone to exit the aircraft. Seven

individuals, including Alex, are forced to disembark in the ensuing brawl, sparing them from a fiery death

when the plan explodes as Alex predicted. But as each of these seven people who defied fate met an

untimely death, one by one, Alex and his surviving pals work together to try to alter fate and outsmart the

uncontrollable powers of death.​

3.Final Destination 2 (2003): How to Watch Final Destination Movies

Final Destination 2 (2003): How to Watch Final Destination Movies
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College student Kimberly Corman, along with her friends Shaina, Dano, and Frankie, travel to Daytona

Beach for spring break in the sequel to the 2000 movie Final Destination and the second entry in the Final

Destination movie series. Final Destination picks up one year after the events of Final Destination (2000).

The sole survivor from Final Destination is sequestered by her own volition in the ostensible security of a

mental institution, where she lives in continual fear that Death will take her life. She might be mad, but

she’s not mistaken. In Final Destination 2, Death is travelling south towards suburban Route 23.

While travelling with her pals for a weekend trip, Kimberly Corman experiences a terrifying vision.

Kimberly is startled into taking action and barricades traffic on a motorway onramp. Before Death rips up

the highway in a large pileup, drivers yell and grumble, and those who are left on the onramp barely

escape with their lives. However, Kimberly is aware that it is not yet over since death will not be duped.

These haphazard strangers, who were all destined to perish in the motorway accident, must now join

Kimberly in a last-ditch effort to survive.​

4.Final Destination 3 (2006)

Wendy Christensen
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Final Destination 3 is the third entry in the Final Destination series, and it is set some years after Final

Destination (2000). Winstead portrays Wendy Christensen, a recent high school graduate with a

premonition that the roller coaster she is travelling with her classmates would crash. While she does

manage to save some of them, Death starts looking for the survivors. Wendy discovers that the pictures

she shot at the theme park hold hints concerning the demise of her friends. Wendy attempts to utilise this

information, along with friend and fellow survivor Kevin Fischer (Merriman), to save the others and foil

Death’s plan.

5.The Final Destination (2009)

Flight 180
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Death will pursue you until its work is done if you are able to trick it in any way. This time in the fourth

film in the Final Destination series, Death stalks and kills each person one by one after they escape a car

crash during a race. The film is set nine years after the explosion of Flight 180, eight years after the pileup

on Route 23, and four years after the Devil’s Flight disaster. Because of Nick O’Bannon’s vision of a fatal

auto race, both his life and the lives of a few other lucky (or unlucky) people around are spared. Death,

however, will not accept a refusal. As the crash survivors perish one by one in ever-more horrible ways, the

visions only get more horrifying.

How many Final Destination Movies are There?

Final Destination (2003), Final Destination 2 (2003), Final Destination 3 (2006), The Final Destination

(2009), and Final Destination 5 (2011) are the five films that make up the Final Destination Film Series.

Movies about Final Destination in Date Order

Here is the list of Final Destination films in order, they were released.

  1. Final Destination — March 17, 2000
  2. Final Destination 2 — January 31, 2003
  3. Final Destination 3 — February 10, 2006
  4. The Final Destination — August 28, 2009
  5. Final Destination 5 — August 12, 2011

Please be aware that Final Destination 5 is a prequel to the first Final Destination movie, focusing on

events that happened before.

Conclusion: How to Watch Final Destination Movies

When you see the Final Destination films in sequence, you get a non-stop, very exhilarating DEATH

journey that absolutely captures the genre! Fortunately, the games are ordered chronologically and by

release date, but starting with Final Destination 5 gives you access to the franchise’s greatest backstory.

It’s up to you how you complete these tasks now. But we like to watch it in order when we do.

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