Zombieverse: release date, trailer, cast and everything we know

Zombieverse: release date, trailer, cast and everything we know

Zombieverse is an exciting new reality show that puts a group of celebrities to the ultimate test: surviving

a zombie apocalypse. Set in a post-apocalyptic version of Seoul, the show follows the celebrities as they

struggle to eke out a living in a city overrun by hordes of the undead. Here we know about the Release

date, cast, plot and everything we know.

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In this thrilling series, the celebrities are faced with the daunting task of finding food, shelter, and other

essential supplies in order to survive. Each day brings new challenges and obstacles that they must

overcome as they work together to support the team and stay alive.

Zombieverse promises to deliver an intense and gripping viewing experience as viewers witness the

celebrities’ resilience, resourcefulness, and teamwork skills being put to the ultimate test. With its unique

premise and high stakes, this Korean survival series is set to captivate audiences and keep them on the

edge of their seats. Get ready for a thrilling adventure like no other in Zombieverse, coming soon to


Zombieverse release date

Zombieverse release date
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Zombieverse, the highly anticipated survival series, is set to start streaming exclusively on Netflix

beginning Tuesday, August 8. As of now, the release schedule for the show has not been revealed, so

viewers will have to wait to find out if the entire series will be available to binge-watch at launch or if it

will be released on a weekly basis.

While awaiting the release of Zombieverse, there are plenty of other great shows to enjoy on Netflix. If

you’re looking for some recommendations, make sure to check out our list of the best shows currently

available on the platform. Additionally, if you’re a fan of Korean dramas, Netflix offers a fantastic selection.

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Get ready for the thrilling adventure of Zombieverse and explore the captivating world of Korean dramas

on Netflix while you wait for its release!

The Cast And Crew

Zombieverse cast:
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According to Deadline, several celebrities have been confirmed to be part of the Zombieverse lineup. Here are some of the contestants:

Lee Si-young: Known for her role in the popular Korean drama series “Sweet Home,” Lee Si-young brings

her acting skills and on-screen charisma to the show. Fans can look forward to seeing how she adapts to

the challenges of the zombie apocalypse.

Park Na-rae: As a well-known comedian, Park Na-rae is expected to bring humor and wit to the

Zombieverse competition. Her ability to lighten the mood in tense situations could prove invaluable in a

survival scenario.

DinDin: Rapper DinDin adds a musical and creative flair to the celebrity lineup. His unique perspective

and talents may come in handy as the contestants face various obstacles while navigating the undead-

infested city.

Yoo Hee-kwan: Yoo Hee-kwan, a former Korean baseball player, brings a physical and competitive edge

to the competition. His athleticism and determination may prove crucial in survival challenges and

physical tasks.

Kim Jin-young: Kim Jin-young, known for her appearance on “Single’s Inferno 2,” joins the cast of

Zombieverse. Her experience in a dating reality show may offer a different perspective and strategic

approach to the game.

As the show progresses and more details emerge, additional information about the other stars

participating in Zombieverse will be revealed. Stay tuned for further updates on the remaining

contestants as the anticipation for the show continues to build.

What is Zombieverse about?

What is Zombieverse about?
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In the thrilling series Zombieverse, a group of “survivors” will face the ultimate challenge of enduring a

zombie apocalypse. The show is set on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, providing a unique backdrop for

the intense survival experience.

Throughout the series, the group of contestants will be put to the test as they come together to tackle

daily tasks essential for their survival. They will venture out into the dangerous post-apocalyptic city,

facing the constant threat of the walking dead, while in search of crucial resources such as food and water.

The stakes are high in Zombieverse, as being bitten by a zombie means immediate elimination from the

game. With each encounter, the contestants must exercise caution and do their best to avoid becoming


Zombieverse has been produced by Park Jin-kyung, known for their work on “My Little Television,” and

Moon Sang-don, who has previously worked on “Hey! First Time in Korea?”. With their expertise, viewers

can expect a gripping and suspenseful series that pushes the contestants to their limits.

Is there a Zombieverse trailer?

the Zombieverse teaser released on July 10 provides viewers with a glimpse into the intense and

chaotic world of the show’s fictional zombie apocalypse. The teaser likely showcases scenes of zombies

infesting various locations such as a theme park, a supermarket, and a city district. It also highlights the

struggles of the survivors as they attempt to confront and overcome the relentless undead threat,

showcasing both their resilience and moments of failure. For the full experience, I encourage you to check

out the teaser below.

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