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White Chicks 2: Release date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know

White Chicks 2: Release date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know

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Marlon Wayans has been teasing fans with the possibility of a White Chicks 2 for quite some time. Last

year, he even suggested that the current climate might be ideal for developing a sequel to his hit 2004

film. However, it seems that the challenging makeup technique required for the characters may pose a

significant obstacle, making the production of the sequel uncertain.

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Despite the mixed critical reception during its initial release, White Chicks achieved considerable

commercial success and has since gained a devoted cult following. Fans have been eagerly anticipating

a continuation of the controversial comedy, and when asked if he would reprise his role, Marlon Wayans

responded humorously.

In the movie “White Chicks,” two FBI agents pretend to be white women to catch a criminal who has

been kidnapping important people. Some people really want a sequel with the Wayans siblings, even

though the first film’s story, where two black men become white women using makeup, has sparked

discussions about race and blackface.

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White Chicks 2 Release date

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There are contradicting reports regarding White Chicks 2’s release status, according to Techradar247.

The actor Terry Crews, who had a part in the first movie, has revealed that a sequel is being created. The

chance exists that the movie might be released by the end of 2024 if shooting starts by 2023.

The co-writer and actor of the original film, Marlon Wayans, has stated that a sequel to White Chicks will

not be made. He is now concentrating on making “Black man films” instead. The movie’s current

production status is “Shutdown” according to Movie Insider.

The Plot

During a visit to the Watch What Happens Live set hosted by Andy Cohen, Terry Crews was asked about

the possibility of a White Chicks 2 sequel. In response, he made an official statement about the

production status. Meanwhile, Marlon Wayans posted a humorous Instagram photo and insisted that the

details should remain private.

Furthermore, Marlon Wayans clarified that no contract for the sequel had been signed, indicating that it

would be a considerable time before White Chicks 2 could be released. This uncertainty suggests that the

future of the sequel film is at best unclear. Since the first movie’s release, the likelihood of a sequel has

been low. As of now, we’ll have to wait for additional information to see if the project progresses.

White Chicks 2 Cast

In the original film “White Chicks,” Shawn Wayans played Kevin Copeland/Brittany Wilson, and he often

worked alongside his brother Marlon Wayans, who portrayed Marcus Anthony Copeland II (Tiffany

Wilson). The movie also featured Busy Philipps as Karen Googlestein and Jaime King as Heather


Other notable cast members included John Heard as Warren Vandergeld, Brittany Daniel as Megan

Vandergeld, and Jennifer Carpenter as Lisa Anderson. Terry Crews, Eddie Velez, Anne Dudek, Jessica

Cauffiel, and many others played supporting roles in the film.

Unfortunately, a complete cast reunion for White Chicks 2 seems impossible as it’s been over a decade

since they all worked together, and it’s likely that none of them still live together.

However, there is a possibility of some original cast members returning for the sequel. Terry Crews, in

particular, has expressed his desire to reprise his role and is keen on the idea of re-releasing the film.

As the sequel’s development progresses, it remains to be seen which original cast members will be able to

participate and whether the film will find a way to bring back some familiar faces to delight fans once


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