The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever: A Journey through Her Versatility and Talent

The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever: A Journey through Her Versatility and Talent

The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever, few actresses have captured audiences’ hearts and left an indelible

mark on the industry quite like Kaitlyn Dever. With her exceptional talent, profound versatility, and

magnetic on-screen presence, Dever has established herself as one of Hollywood’s most promising

young stars. From her breakout role in “Short Term 12” to her captivating performances in “Booksmart”

and “Unbelievable,” we delve into the ten best movies that showcase her remarkable range and acting


Here Are The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever:

10.”Short Term 12″ (2013)

The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever
Image credit by Variety

Kaitlyn Dever’s breakthrough came in the heart-wrenching drama “Short Term 12.” Directed by Destin

Daniel Cretton, the film revolves around Grace (Brie Larson), a supervisor at a foster care facility, and her

profound connection with troubled teenager Jayden (Kaitlyn Dever). Dever’s portrayal of Jayden, a

resilient yet vulnerable teenager grappling with past traumas, earned critical acclaim and laid the

foundation for her future success.

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9.”The Spectacular Now” (2013)

"The Spectacular Now" (2013)
Image credit by F This Movie

In this coming-of-age drama, Dever takes on the role of Krystal, a fellow student who befriends Sutter

(Miles Teller), a charming yet troubled high school senior. “The Spectacular Now” explores the

complexities of young love, addiction, and self-discovery. Dever’s performance as Krystal adds depth and

authenticity to the narrative, solidifying her status as an actress to watch.

8.”Laggies” (2014): The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever

"Laggies" (2014): The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever
Image credit by IMDb

“Laggies” follows the story of Megan (Keira Knightley), a woman in her late twenties stuck in a prolonged

state of adolescence. Kaitlyn Dever plays Annika, a teenager who forms an unlikely bond with Megan,

becoming her confidante and providing insight into adulthood. Dever’s portrayal exudes charm and

maturity, complementing Knightley’s lead role impeccably.

7.”Men, Women & Children” (2014)

"Men, Women & Children" (2014)
Image credit by IMDb

In this thought-provoking drama, Dever portrays Brandy Beltmeyer, a high school student navigating the

complexities of adolescence amidst the pervasive influence of social media and the internet. Jason

Reitman’s film delves into the impact of technology on human connections, with Dever delivering an

emotionally charged performance that resonates with audiences.

6.”Detroit” (2017)

"Detroit" (2017)
Image credit by IMDb

In Kathryn Bigelow’s powerful historical drama “Detroit,” Dever takes on the role of Karen Malloy, a young

woman caught up in the racially charged events of the 1967 Detroit riots. The film addresses systemic

racism and police brutality, and Dever’s portrayal showcases her ability to tackle weighty and intense

subjects with incredible skill.

5.”Booksmart” (2019): The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever

The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever
Image credit by IMDb

“Booksmart” marks Kaitlyn Dever’s foray into the comedy genre, and she does it with aplomb. Directed by

Olivia Wilde, the film follows the hilarious misadventures of two overachieving high school seniors, Amy

(Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein), on their last night before graduation. Dever’s comedic timing and

chemistry with Feldstein elevate the film, making it a standout hit.

4.”Them That Follow” (2019)

"Them That Follow" (2019)
Image credit by Sporten

This indie drama sees Dever in a challenging and dramatic role as Dilly Picket, the daughter of a snake-

handling pastor in a small Appalachian community. The film explores themes of faith, tradition, and the

consequences of secrets. Dever’s exceptional performance adds depth to the narrative, making “Them

That Follow” a compelling watch.

3.”Unbelievable” (2019) – Limited Series

"Unbelievable" (2019) - Limited Series
Image credit by Screen Rant

While technically not a movie, “Unbelievable” deserves a place on this list for its incredible impact and

Dever’s extraordinary performance. This limited series based on a true story follows the investigation of a

serial rapist and the journey of a survivor named Marie Adler (Kaitlyn Dever). Dever’s portrayal of Marie’s

emotional turmoil and resilience earned her widespread acclaim and recognition.

2.”Dear Evan Hansen” (2021)

"Dear Evan Hansen" (2021)
Image credit by Rolling Stones

In this adaptation of the beloved musical, Dever takes on the role of Zoe Murphy, the sister of a high

school student who tragically takes his own life. The film navigates themes of mental health, grief, and

connection, and Dever’s poignant performance adds depth and emotional weight to the story.

1.”The Fallout” (2021)

The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever
Image credit by The Movie Database

In “The Fallout,” Kaitlyn Dever portrays Vada, a high school student coping with the aftermath of a

school shooting. The film explores the emotional aftermath and the challenges of healing and moving

forward after a traumatic event. Dever’s portrayal captures the complexities of Vada’s emotions with

sensitivity and authenticity, making it a compelling and unforgettable performance.

Conclusion: The Best 10 Movies of Kaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn Dever’s filmography exemplifies her remarkable talent and versatility as an actress. From gripping

dramas to side-splitting comedies, she has demonstrated her ability to inhabit diverse characters and

deliver nuanced performances that leave a lasting impression on audiences. As her career continues to

evolve, we eagerly anticipate witnessing more outstanding roles from this exceptional young star.

Whether it’s a thought-provoking drama, a heartwarming comedy, or a riveting thriller, Kaitlyn Dever’s

work is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the boundless potential of a talented actor.

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