The Inventor 2023: Release date, cast, Plot and everything we know

The Inventor 2023: Release date, cast, Plot and everything we know

“The Inventor 2023” is a stop-motion animated biographical film from 2023 that delves into the life of

Leonardo da Vinci. The film was both written and directed by Jim Capobianco, with co-direction by

Pierre-Luc Granjon. This international co-production involves collaboration between the United States,

France, and Ireland.

Having its initial unveiling at the esteemed Annecy International Animation Film Festival on June 12,

2023, the movie was showcased as an official entry in the competition category. Scheduled for release in

the United States on September 15, 2023, through Blue Fox Entertainment, “The Inventor” paints a vivid

portrayal of da Vinci’s life through the art of stop-motion animation. Meanwhile, French audiences can

anticipate the theatrical release of the film on January 31, 2024, courtesy of KMBO.

The Inventor 2023 Release date

The Inventor 2023 Release date
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“The Inventor” is set to make its theatrical debut in France on January 31, 2024, through KMBO.

Additionally, Universal Pictures has secured distribution rights for various international markets. In a

significant move, Blue Fox Entertainment obtained the distribution rights for the United States in July

2023. Initially slated for release on August 25, 2023, the U.S. premiere was subsequently rescheduled to

September 15, 2023.

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The Voice of Cast

The Inventor 2023 Movie Cast
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“The Inventor” boasts an impressive voice cast, with renowned actors lending their voices to bring the

characters to life:

  • Stephen Fry takes on the role of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Marion Cotillard portrays Louise of Savoy.
  • Daisy Ridley lends her voice to Marguerite.
  • Matt Berry voices Pope Leo X.
  • Jim Capobianco steps in as Cardinal of Aragon.
  • Max Baumgarten provides his voice for Il Boccador and King Charles of Spain.
  • Ben Stranahan contributes as Page.
  • John Gilkey brings Gravedigger John and Giuliano to life.
  • Jane Osborn lends her voice to Gravedigger Jane.
  • Angelino Sandri voices Francesco Melzi.
  • Daniel Swan takes on the role of King Henry VIII.

With such a talented ensemble, “The Inventor” promises to deliver an engaging and captivating animated


The Plot

The Plot Photo
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“The film delves into the life of the ingenious inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. Driven by an insatiable curiosity

and a determined spirit, Leonardo departs his native Italy to seek refuge within the French court. This

change of scenery grants him the liberty to indulge his passion for experimentation. In this new

environment, he embarks on a journey of innovation, crafting wondrous flying contraptions and intricate

machines. His inquisitiveness also extends to the study of the human body, where he explores its


Within the realm of the French court, Leonardo’s path intersects with that of the spirited and audacious

princess, Marguerite. As the two of them embark on a shared adventure, they forge an unexpected

alliance. Together, they delve into the depths of discovery, unearthing answers to profound inquiries. At

the heart of their quest lies the ultimate question that has puzzled humanity for ages – “What is the

meaning of it all?”

Is there any trailer of The Inventor 2023?


Everything We know about the movie

In June of 2022, a captivating 25-minute excerpt from the film graced the screens of the Annecy

International Animation Film Festival in France. This exclusive glimpse was part of the festival’s work-in-

progress section and was met with overwhelming demand, resulting in a sold-out session.

The initial collaboration between composer Alex Mandel and the Budapest Scoring Orchestra commenced

on January 16, 2023, marked by a pioneering fully remote scoring session.

A pivotal development surfaced on April 28, 2022, as Variety reported an array of pre-sales for the film

across numerous countries. Among the territories securing the film were France, Portugal, Hong Kong,

Taiwan, the Philippines, the Former Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, German-speaking Europe, Greece,

Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Latin

America, the Middle East, and Indonesia.

Another noteworthy showcase took place at the Anima: Brussels International Animation Film Festival on

February 24, 2023, where an evolving version of the film was unveiled in a work-in-progress screening.

“The Inventor” materialized as an independent production, with financial estimations placing its budget

around $10 million. The process of bringing the film to life embarked on February 14, 2022, within the

creative confines of Foliascope Studio, located in Saint-Péray, France. A significant milestone was reached

on December 16, 2022, as shooting concluded, drawing production to a close.

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