The Kill Room: Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know

The Kill Room: Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know

Director Nicol Paone’s upcoming film “The Kill Room” is generating significant buzz. The dark comedy

thriller, penned by screenwriter Jonathan Jacobson, boasts an impressive ensemble cast and a unique

premise. The project, announced in April 2022, marks a reunion of the renowned collaborators Uma

Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson, frequently associated with Quentin Tarantino’s works. Notably, Joe

Manganiello and later additions Maya Hawke and WWE wrestler Liv Morgan have also joined the cast.

The Kill Room Release date

The Kill Room Release date
Image credit by Screen Rant

The highly anticipated release of “The Kill Room” is fast approaching. Recent reports reveal that the film

is scheduled to hit theaters on Thursday, September 28th, 2023. As is customary for many contemporary

films, there’s a strong possibility that “movie” will also have a streaming release, though details about the

platform and the timeframe for its availability after the theatrical debut remain undisclosed at this time.

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The Cast And Crew

The Kill Room Cast
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“The Kill Room” news is especially captivating due to the array of reunions it showcases, including the

highly anticipated reunion of Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson. The cast of “The Kill Room” includes

Uma Thurman portraying art gallery owner Patrice Capullo, while Samuel L. Jackson takes on the role of

Gordon Davis, a crime boss who approaches her with a money laundering proposition. Joe Manganiello

stars as Reggie Pitt, the painter turned hitman. Debi Mazer embodies The Kimono, an art critic vying for

an interview with Pitt.

Adding to the ensemble, Maya Hawke will share the screen with her mother, portraying the character

Grace in their inaugural on-screen collaboration. The cast also includes Nikolai Tsankov as fellow crime

boss Andrei Gorlich and Dree Hemingway as Anika. Joining the lineup are Candy Buckley as Mrs.

Galvinson and Larry Pine as Dr. Galvinson. Notably, Amy Keum plays Leslie, Alexander Sokovikov portrays

crime boss Roman Rashnikov, Jennifer Kim embodies Mae, Matthew Maher takes on the role of Nate, and

Tom Pecinka appears as Anton.

The plot

Image credit by IMDb

“The Kill Room” news has unveiled the movie’s intriguing plot. In what could be deemed a fitting sequel

to “Pulp Fiction,” the story revolves around crime boss Gordon (played by Jackson) who approaches art

gallery owner Patrice (portrayed by Thurman) with a daring money laundering proposal. The scheme

involves Gordon’s hitman Reggie (Manganiello) crafting “artistic” works that then sell for millions in

Patrice’s gallery. However, the trio encounters an unexpected twist as Reggie’s creations suddenly

transform him into an overnight avant-garde sensation, drawing the attention of renowned art critic The

Kimono (Mazar). This newfound fame threatens to expose their lucrative plan and unravel their carefully

constructed world.

Is there any trailer available for The Kill Room?

Beyond the thrilling revelation that Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke will share the screen for the first time,

additional developments include the much-anticipated debut of “The Kill Room” trailer. This trailer

provides incredibly intricate initial glimpses into the cast and their distinctive roles, granting a window

into their interactions within Paone’s cinematic universe. The trailer not only hints at the film’s dark humor

but also offers valuable story insights, allowing viewers to extract a wealth of narrative details from its

contents. Watch trailer below.

Trailer of The Kill Room

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