Tulsa King Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

Tulsa King Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

Continuing his reign on the small screen, Taylor Sheridan maintains his dominance. Alongside the immensely popular Yellowstone series, his recent crime drama “Tulsa King” has solidified its status as one of Paramount+’s most prominent original TV shows to date. The inaugural season of this crime drama, starring Sylvester Stallone, follows the captivating narrative of Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a New York Mafia capo. After serving a 25-year prison term, he finds himself exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, by his crime boss. Navigating this unfamiliar terrain, Stallone’s character seizes the opportunity, swiftly establishing his operations and enlisting new members to construct his criminal domain from the ground up. Nevertheless, an extended hiatus between seasons and a Hollywood strike disrupting production have led to speculation among fans about the fate of Tulsa King Season 2.

Tulsa King Season 2: Release Date

Tulsa King Season 2: Release Date
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Stallone discussed the situation in an interview with Newsweek, stating, “The strike is definitely impacting

our work, particularly on projects like Tulsa King. The changing landscape has given writers valid

concerns. The shortage of opportunities and the looming presence of AI have created a very unsettling

environment for writers.”

Martin Starr, recognized for his role as Bodhi, revealed in February during a conversation with Collider

that production for Tulsa King season two has yet to secure a definite start date. “Numerous details are

being worked out,” Starr shared. Given the current circumstances, it’s improbable that viewers will have

the chance to see “Tulsa King” season two before 2024.

The Cast And Crew

Tulsa King Season 2 Cast
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Expect to see familiar faces in the upcoming season of Tulsa King, as the season one finale left our

favorite characters unscathed. Stallone’s portrayal of New York mafia capo, Dwight Manfredi, will continue

to captivate audiences, joined by a majority of the first season’s cast members. While a few fresh faces are

likely to be introduced, the core ensemble will remain intact. However, please note that future

announcements could potentially alter this lineup.

The anticipated Tulsa King season two cast includes:

Sylvester Stallone as Dwight Manfredi
Max Casella as Armand Truisi
Andrea Savage as Stacy Beale
Martin Starr as Bodhi
Domenick Lombardozzi as Chickie Invernizzi
Vincent Piazza as Vince Antonacci
Jay Will as Tyson Mitchell
Dana Delany as Margaret Deveraux
Garrett Hedlund as Mitch Keller
AC Peterson as Pete Invernizzi

For those seeking riveting entertainment, Tulsa King on Paramount Plus offers an engaging option. With

its nine episodes in Season 1, you can enjoy a binge-watch session on this streaming platform. To begin,

You can sign up for Paramount Plus or find it as a channel on select services like Prime Video.

Tulsa King Season 2 Plot

Tulsa King Season 2 Plot
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Paramount+ has maintained a strong level of secrecy surrounding the plot of Tulsa King season two.

With the show still in pre-production and a new showrunner stepping in, the storyline’s trajectory remains

uncertain. However, given the conclusion of the first season, it’s likely that the second season will continue

from where Stallone’s character, Manfredi, was last seen.

In the initial season, Stallone’s portrayal of Manfredi followed his journey from New York to Tulsa after his

prison release. Tasked by the Invernizzi family, he endeavors to establish a formidable criminal empire in

the heart of Oklahoma.

Throughout the first season, Manfredi ascended the ranks within Tulsa’s tumultuous criminal landscape,

solidifying his position as a powerful figure. Yet, his newfound dominion faced a critical threat during the

climactic finale. Manfredi’s world was upended once more when he became ensnared in a legal

predicament, orchestrated by the cunning Stacey.

As the writers’ strike continues to cast a shadow over the show’s second season, Stallone has expressed

his solidarity and understanding for the writers’ plight. He has acknowledged the difficulties writers

confront in an industry that is in constant flux, referring to the current state as a “frightening time” for

those in the writing profession. Notably, he underscored the challenging circumstances that writers on

shows like Tulsa King encounter, shedding light on the hardships they endure.

Stallone remarked, “The writers work on something like our show (Tulsa King), just eight episodes, and

then it’s done, leaving them to ask, ‘How do I sustain myself for the rest of the year?’ It’s a situation I

grasp and empathize with.”

Where to Watch Tulsa King Season 2?

For those seeking an exciting source of entertainment, I recommend checking out Tulsa King on

Paramount Plus. The show’s first season comprises nine episodes that you can enjoy binge-watching on

this streaming platform. To embark on your viewing journey, you can easily sign up for Paramount Plus or

locate it as a channel available on certain services like Prime Video.

Everything We Know So Far

Sylvester Stallone photo
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As the first season reached its explosive climax, Dwight and his team successfully eliminated the rival biker

gang led by the infamous local kingpin, Waltrip Waltrip (portrayed by Ritchie Coster). However, Dwight’s

The challenges are far from over. Despite his triumph, he continues to face adversaries on various fronts.

One of these adversaries is Stacy Beale, Dwight’s love interest throughout the initial season, who

ultimately betrays him, leading to his arrest during the gripping season finale. With Stacy in pursuit,

Dwight’s troubles persist. Chickie, the new head of the Invernizzi family, harbors a deep vendetta against

Dwight due to his decision to sever ties with the family.

As Tulsa King’s second season unfolds, viewers can anticipate a deluge of challenges and dramatic

moments for Dwight and his crew. Amidst the turmoil, the possibility of encountering new characters

adds an extra layer of intensity to the already high-stakes revenge plots and heart-pounding drama that

the show is known for.

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