10 Best Florence Pugh Movies Ranked

10 Best Florence Pugh Movies Ranked

Florence Pugh has quickly risen to fame as one of the most talented and versatile actresses in Hollywood. With her remarkable performances and ability to dive into diverse roles, Pugh has captivated audiences worldwide. From period dramas to horror films and action-packed thrillers, her filmography boasts an array of cinematic experiences. In this article, we will delve into the 10 best Florence Pugh movies, ranking them based on their impact, critical acclaim, and her exceptional acting prowess.

Here are the 10 best Florence Pugh movies:

1. Little Women (2019)

Here are the 10 best Florence Pugh movies:
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Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” adaptation is a standout success, giving new life to the classic story. With

her unique touch, the film avoids period drama dryness. Starring Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh, it’s

universally acclaimed, with a 95% Rotten Tomatoes score. The movie follows Jo March and her

independent sisters on their coming-of-age journey. Pugh’s fresh take on Amy’s character shines, making

her as heroic as Jo.

Important note: This article Updated on 17/10/2023.

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2. Midsommar (2019)

Midsommar (2019)
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Florence Pugh, known for diverse roles, embraced horror in “Midsommar,” becoming a “scream queen”

as Dani Ardor. The unsettling film, akin to “The Wicker Man,” combines horror and breakup themes.

Despite divisive elements, its strong atmosphere and performances earned an 83% Rotten Tomatoes

score. Pugh’s mesmerizing acting captures Dani’s grief after a tragic loss, leading to a chilling and

satisfying climax. “Midsommar” shares the eerie imagery and quality acting of director Ari Aster’s previous

hit, “Hereditary.”

3. Oppenheimer (2023): Best Florence Pugh Movies

Oppenheimer (2023): Best Florence Pugh Movies
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Christopher Nolan’s twelfth feature film, Oppenheimer, is the epic film about the creation of the atomic

bomb by J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy). Oppenheimer features an ensemble cast of actors

playing real historical characters, including Pugh as Jean Tatlock, a psychiatrist who famously had a long

affair with Oppenheimer. Florence Pugh movies generally have the actor on-screen for most of the

runtime but with such a large cast and a decade-spanning story to tell, Pugh had a smaller supporting

role. Tatlock’s story is heartbreaking and critical to Oppenheimer’s arc and Pugh is fabulous and

mesmerizing in her crackly scenes.

4. Fighting With My Family (2019)

Fighting With My Family (2019)
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Fighting with My Family is based on the true tale of professional wrestler Paige and follows her path to

the WWE. Paige is played by Pugh, who co-stars with Lena Headey and Nick Frost as her parents and Jack

Lowden as her brother. Fighting with My Family was The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant’s feature-

length directorial debut, and it hits the same blend of laugh-out-loud humour and heartbreaking

emotional moments. The dramatic climax of this Florence Pugh film is that Paige’s brother is more

dedicated to wrestling than she is, but she is given the opportunity to go to the WWE while he remains at

home, causing a schism between them.

5. Puss In Boots: The Last Wish (2022)

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish (2022)
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A decade-late sequel to a spinoff from a defunct animation property has no business being as excellent as

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is. This brilliantly animated sequel has the look of fairy tale pictures and the

concepts of a spaghetti Western, and it has a very good Rotten Tomatoes score of 95%. Florence Pugh

films frequently include celebrated ensembles, and Pugh is one of several acclaimed A-listers to offer their

voices to the Puss in Boots sequel, alongside Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Olivia Colman. Pugh

plays Goldilocks, the fearsome leader of the Three Bears Crime Family with a sympathetic motive to

resurrect her family.

6. Lady Macbeth (2016): Florence Pugh Movies

Lady Macbeth (2016): Florence Pugh Movies
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Pugh’s critically acclaimed performance in Lady Macbeth established her career. The film, adapted on

Nikolai Leskov’s book Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, delivers a moving character study of a young

lady caught in a loveless marriage with an older man. Lady Macbeth deviates from the finale of the source

material but gives equally intriguing insights into its lead character’s mind, earning an amazing 88%

Rotten Tomatoes score and an admirable IMDb rating of 6.8. Florence Pugh’s films frequently take place

in period settings, and Lady Macbeth was the first indication that she would be at ease in the genre.

7. Black Widow (2021)

Black Widow (2021)
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Florence Pugh makes her MCU debut in Black Widow, one of the Best Florence Pugh Movies. Natasha

Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) passes the mantle to Pugh’s surrogate sister, Yelena Belova, in her long-

awaited standalone film, Black Widow. With its gritty, realistic, Bourne-style spy action, Black Widow

distinguishes itself from other Marvel films. It also handles with far darker subjects than the typical MCU

adventure. Pugh, Johansson, and a de-aged David Harbour and Rachel Weisz lead a team of world-class

performers in Black Widow, who play a dysfunctional surrogate family of former Soviet agents put in the

American suburbs during the Cold War.

8. The Wonder (2022): 10 Best Florence Pugh Movies

The Wonder (2022)
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Sebastián Lelio’s The Wonder is an engrossing, evocative psychological Netflix drama. The Wonder stars

Florence Pugh as Elizabeth “Lib” Wright, an English nurse sent to a small Irish hamlet in 1862 to

investigate a young woman who may miraculously survive without eating. The film is based on co-

screenwriter Emma Donoghue’s 2016 novel of the same name. The film, like many Florence Pugh films,

boasts superb production design that immerses spectators in its Victorian-era atmosphere, allowing them

to become engrossed in the mystery tale. Pugh’s outstanding lead performance saves a poor script.

9. Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

Don’t Worry Darling (2022)
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Don’t Worry Darling’s controversies overshadowed Olivia Wilde’s movie before its premiere and likely

contributed to its lukewarm critical reception. This Florence Pugh movie follows couple Alice (Pugh) and

Jack (Harry Styles) as they move to a closed-off community for Jack’s work where everything seems

perfectly manicured to meet their needs. However, it becomes clear that the community has a sinister

side. The movie’s comments on society and toxic masculinity range from subtle to heavy-handed, but

Pugh’s performance is easily the best part of the movie, followed closely by the cinematography. Alice’s

suspicion and brewing discomfort ratchet up the tension of the film, making for an unforgettable

cinematic experience.

10. A Good Person (2023)

A Good Person (2023)
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In Zach Braff’s A Good Person, Allison (Pugh) is a woman struggling with an addiction to opiates after her

tragic driving mistake resulted in the death of her once-future sister and brother-in-law. Allison’s recovery

journey brings back painful memories and puts her face to face with the father (Morgan Freeman) and

daughter (Celeste O’Connor) of the people who died. A Good Person strays into the saccharine at times

but Pugh’s performance of the different stages of addiction and a surprisingly animated performance

from Freeman elevate the story.

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