The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in September

The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in September

As the crisp September breeze starts to rustle the leaves and the days grow a tad shorter, Netflix is rolling out its own version of a red carpet event, welcoming a fresh wave of captivating movies and binge-worthy TV shows into its ever-expanding library. This month, the streaming giant has whipped up a delightful platter of entertainment, and we’ve sifted through the treasure trove to serve you a delectable selection of September’s most tantalizing new titles. Here are The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in September.

Here Are The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in September.

1. ‘Wrestlers’ Season 1

Best Movies and TV Shows Coming
Image credit by Ready Steady out

Starts streaming: Sept. 13

Greg Whiteley, the creative genius behind Netflix’s gripping docu-series “Last Chance U” and the

cheerleading sensation “Cheer,” is back with yet another heart-pounding tale of underdog athletes

battling to preserve their dreams. This time, he transports us to the vibrant world of “Wrestlers,” set

against the backdrop of a gritty Louisville, Kentucky gym.

In “Wrestlers,” we journey alongside Al Snow, a seasoned wrestling icon, and the unwavering warriors of

Ohio Valley Wrestling. They face a Herculean task – resurrecting the dwindling fortunes of their beloved

sport within just a few precarious months. Whiteley, known for his knack for blending thrilling sports

action with raw human drama, once again delivers. Brace yourself for adrenaline-pumping sports

sequences that bring you ringside, coupled with poignant, slice-of-life moments and heartfelt

confessions. These passionate souls, deeply rooted in the rich history and traditions of regional

professional wrestling, bare their souls as they chase their fervent hopes and dreams. Prepare to be

captivated by their resilience and determination in “Wrestlers.”

2. ‘El Conde’

‘El Conde’
Image credit by Deadline

Chilean writer-director Pablo Larrain, known for his unique biopics like “Neruda” and “Jackie,” takes a

dark and peculiar turn in “El Conde.” This black-and-white gothic horror film reimagines Augusto

Pinochet as a melancholic vampire, enduring an estate audit. Jaime Vadell embodies Pinochet, who, in

this tale, has defied time since the French Revolution. Larrain blends history and satire to critique the

enduring legacy of Pinochet’s tyranny in this captivating cinematic venture.

3. ‘Love at First Sight’: Best Movies and TV Shows Coming

Best Movies and TV Shows Coming
Image credit by Psychology Today

Starts streaming: Sept. 15

Adapted from Jennifer E. Smith’s enchanting novel, “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight,” this

romantic dramedy introduces us to the effervescent young talent, Haley Lu Richardson, in the role of

Hadley Sullivan. She’s reluctantly en route to London for her father’s wedding when an unexpected twist

of fate places her next to Oliver (played by Ben Hardy), a charming math aficionado on his way home for

his mother’s memorial service.

As destiny momentarily separates them upon arrival, they embark on an eventful and emotional day,

juggling family obligations while desperately trying to reunite. Adding an extra layer of whimsy to this

tale, Jameela Jamil takes on multiple roles and serves as the film’s narrator. She cleverly employs Oliver’s

nerdy number-crunching to keep the audience abreast of the ever-shifting odds that these two endearing

souls will find happiness together.

4. ‘The Saint of Second Chances’

‘The Saint of Second Chances’
Image credit by ClutchePoint

Starts streaming: Sept. 19

Bill Veeck, a true maverick of Major League Baseball, was renowned for his penchant for innovation.

Throughout his life, he concocted imaginative and at times, eyebrow-raising ballpark promotions aimed

at drawing fans and raking in profits. However, “The Saint of Second Chances,” a compelling

documentary co-directed by Jeff Malmberg and the Oscar-winning Morgan Neville, doesn’t focus on Bill,

but rather on his son, Mike.

Mike Veeck’s initial aspirations to follow in his father’s groundbreaking footsteps hit a major roadblock

during the infamous 1979 “Disco Demolition Night” with the Chicago White Sox, culminating in a riot.

Narrated by the talented Jeff Daniels and brought to life through re-enactments featuring the comedic

prowess of Charlie Day as Mike, the film delves into the younger Veeck’s remarkable resurgence in the

1990s. During this period, he breathed new life into both baseball and his personal journey by taking

charge of the independent minor league team, the St. Paul Saints. Witness a tale of redemption, fun, and

the enduring spirit of the game in this captivating documentary.

5. ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’

‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’
Image credit by What On netflix

Starts streaming: Sept. 27

Fresh from the triumph of his film “Asteroid City,” the visionary writer-director Wes Anderson gracefully

steps into the realm of Netflix with “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,” a whimsical adaptation of a

Roald Dahl tale. Running at approximately 40 minutes, it’s a cinematic creation that dances the line

between a short film and a full-feature, offering a delightful narrative canvas.

Benedict Cumberbatch takes center stage as a smug gambler whose world takes an enchanting twist

when he stumbles upon whispers about a man possessing the ability to see without the use of his eyes. In

signature Anderson style, a stellar supporting cast is assembled, boasting the talents of Ben Kingsley, Dev

Patel, Richard Ayoade, and the impeccable Ralph Fiennes, who embodies Dahl himself.

This project pushes Anderson’s penchant for theatrical flair to new heights, with characters weaving

stories within stories, all while gracefully ensconced on a single, artfully designed stage. Dive into this

enchanting world where tales come alive and imagination knows no bounds in “The Wonderful Story of

Henry Sugar.”

There are also some the Best Movies and TV Shows Coming in sept.

Sept. 7

A “Dear Child”

Season 3 of “Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight”

Season 3 of “Top Boy”

Part 1 of “Virgin River” Season 5

Sept. 8

Season 1 of “Burning Body”

The “Rosa Peral’s Tapes”

Season two of “Selling the OC”

S1E1 of “Spy Ops”

Season 1 of “A Time Called You”

Sept. 12

It’s wonderful to be here, Michelle Wolf.

Sept. 13

Season 1 of “Class Act”

Sept. 15

Season 2 of “Surviving Summer”

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