Dear David Release date, cast, plot and everything we know

Dear David Release date, cast, plot and everything we know

Based on the popular Twitter thread by comic book artist Adam Ellis, the supernatural horror film Dear David” is scheduled for release this autumn. The movie revolves around a fictionalized version of Ellis, who finds himself haunted by the malevolent spirit of a child named David. David, whose death is shrouded in mystery and who bears a gruesome injury to his head, embarks on a progressively chilling campaign of torment within Adam’s apartment. As urged by his employer to exploit the haunting on social media, a hesitant Adam reluctantly delves into the eerie occurrences, ultimately losing his grasp on reality. Here’s an overview of the release date and what we currently know about “Dear David.”

Dear David Release date

Dear David Release date
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On October 13, 2023, Dear David will be accessible to view, adding to the wonderful horror library of

2023. The movie will debut on internet and in theatres on the day of its release, giving viewers the option

to see it at home or on the big screen, according to a recent BuzzFeed report. Since Lionsgate is

responsible for the film’s distribution, The Roku Channel and Peacock are most likely to air Dear David in

the US.

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The Cast And Crew

Who's In the Cast of Dear David?
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In the upcoming film “Dear David,” the cast includes Augustus Prew, known for his role in “About a

Boy,” portraying the character of Adam Ellis. Cameron Nicoll, recognized for “Slumberland,” takes on

the role of David. Justin Long, known for his work in “Barbarian,” plays the role of BuzzFeed’s Bryce, the

head of the company. Other notable cast members include Andrea Bang from “Kim’s Convenience” as

Evelyn, Rachel Wilson from “In the Tall Grass” as Linda, Ethan Hwang from “The Umbrella Academy” as

James, Rene Escobar Jr. from “Heartland” as Kyle, Tricia Black from “Pretty Hard Cases” as Norris, Rachel

Risen from “Leap Year” as Olive, David Tompa from “Odd Squad” as Fred, Seth Murchison from “Life with

Luca” as Kevin, and Deshay Padayachey from “The Boys” as Harpal.

The Plot

The Pot Of Movie
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Dear David,” adapted from the viral 2017 Twitter thread, centers on BuzzFeed employee Adam Ellis.

The film portrays a fictionalized version of Ellis as he grapples with the haunting presence of a boy

named David. In the movie, it appears that Adam’s encounters with online trolls trigger the haunting,

deviating from the original Twitter narrative.

In the original thread, Adam’s haunting by David commences after he breaches a crucial rule: asking the

boy more than two questions. Specifically, he inquires about David’s death, the details of the accident,

and the party responsible for it. Silence follows these inquiries, leading Adam to recognize his error and

initiating the eerie haunting. The extent to which this exchange is included in the movie remains

uncertain, leaving questions about the adaptation’s faithfulness to the source material.

Dear David Director

Who Made Dear David?
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The movie Dear David was written by Mike Van Waes (The Crooked Man) and Evan Turner (The Out-

Laws), and it was directed by John McPhail (Anna and the Apocalypse). Turner, Jonathan Eirich (The Two

Popes), and Dan Lin (The Lego Movie) are the executive producers. The film was photographed by

Stephen Chandler Whitehead (A People Uncounted).

Frequently Asked Questions: Dear David and release date

1. Is there going to be a Dear David movie?

Set to join 2023’s fantastic horror catalog; Dear David will be available to watch this fall on October 13,

2023. BuzzFeed recently revealed that the movie will premiere both in theaters and on digital on the day

of its release, allowing fans to watch it on the big screen or stream it at home.

2. Is Dear David a good movie?

Our Take: The core trio of Cinnamon, Mahira and Lewis hold Dear David together with uniformly strong

performances. Their characters are thoughtfully rendered – same for the teens’ parents, albeit in a more

limited capacity – and empathetic.

3. Why is Dear David Rated R?

Parents need to know that Dear David deals with issues that some teens face: peer pressure, bullying,

sexual feelings, the pressure to excel at school, the ups and downs of friendship. Girl power is another

subject here, and the main character is realistically portrayed as a flawed human who doesn’t hesitate.

4. How can I watch the movie David?

You can watch David on Peacock. David has a running time of 1 hour and 30 mins.

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