Berlin 2023: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, and everything we know

Berlin 2023: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, and everything we know

Netflix’s hit series Money Heist is returning with a spin-off centered on the beloved yet polarizing character Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso. Titled “Berlin 2023,” this prequel delves into Berlin’s life before he joined The Professor’s gang, shedding light on his evolution into the enigmatic criminal fans have both loved and hated. Created by Álex Pina, the mastermind behind Money Heist, and written by Esther Martínez Lobato, the spin-off promises to captivate viewers just as its predecessor did. With Pedro Alonso reprising his iconic role, anticipation is running high for this upcoming series, which is sure to continue the Money Heist legacy. Stay tuned for more details on the plot, cast, and filming as the release date approaches.

Berlin 2023 Release Date

Berlin netflix
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In a recent Berlin teaser film, Netflix officially disclosed the precise release date for its upcoming Money

Heist spin-off. On December 29, the prequel, which centers on Pedro Alonso’s titular thief, will be streamable.

Fans may get a fresh look at one of Berlin’s earlier heists from before the first season of the show in the

video, which features a different team. It also gives a glimpse into his thrilling past as a great thief before

He discovered he had a fatal disease, which was originally made known in the well-liked main series. The

fan-favorite character is anticipated to exhibit a fresh side in the series, demonstrating how different he is

from his brilliant younger brother, The Professor, in terms of leadership and planning abilities.

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The Cast And Crew

Who's In the 'Berlin' Cast?
Image credit: Netflix

The “Berlin” prequel introduces a fresh cast, with Pedro Alonso reprising his role as the captivating and

hedonistic jewel thief, Andrés de Fonollosa. The ensemble includes Tristán Ulloa as Damián, Michelle

Jenner as Keila, Joel Sanchez as Bruce, Begoña Vargas as Cameron, and Julio Peña Fernández as Roi,

among others. While fans speculate about the return of Money Heist characters, it’s unlikely, except for

the possibility of Sergio Marquina (The Professor), given his connection as Berlin’s brother. There’s also

curiosity about Martin Berrote (Palermo) potentially making an appearance due to his close friendship

with Berlin. The prequel promises to explore Berlin’s character in a different emotional state and build a

new gang around him.

The Plot

So What Is the Plot of 'Berlin'?
Image credit: What on Netflix

The “Berlin” series takes place before the events of Money Heist and offers an in-depth look into Berlin’s

character development and his earlier exploits. Berlin operated with his own gang, conducting major

heists across Europe during what’s described as his “golden age.” According to creators Alex Pina and

Pedro Alonso, the show will be a thrilling journey through this period, featuring white-collar crimes,

tension, travel, romance, and a dose of humor.

The trailer has revealed that the series will focus on Berlin’s plan to rob a prestigious auction house in

Paris, which becomes complicated when he becomes romantically involved with the owner’s wife. Netflix’s

logline for the show succinctly sums it up as a tale of “love and heists,” delving deep into Andres’

backstory and what shaped him into the enigmatic Berlin. If you thought Berlin’s story ended with his

death in Money Heist, be prepared for surprises and excitement in this new series about the incorrigible


What Is the Background of ‘Series?

“Berlin” is the latest spin-off from the immensely popular Spanish crime-thriller series, Money Heist, which

gained worldwide acclaim during its five-season run. The original series revolves around “The Professor/El

Professor,” a mysterious mastermind who assembles a team of skilled thieves to execute a massive heist at

the Royal Mint of Spain. Money Heist sparked a global phenomenon, generating widespread discussions

and controversies, along with inspiring a franchise that includes additional shows, video games, art, and

documentaries. The original series aired from 2017 to 2021 and made a significant impact worldwide.

“Berlin” is the second spin-off from the original series, offering a deeper exploration of one of its

prominent characters. Berlin, whose real name is Andres, is revealed to be The Professor’s older brother,

and he grapples with a terminal illness, a storyline that unfolds during the first season of the parent show.

In the second part of Money Heist, Berlin makes a heroic sacrifice to save his gang from capture after the

Royal Mint heist. Despite his death, Berlin continues to appear in flashbacks throughout the subsequent

three parts of the series, shedding light on his life before the Royal Mint heist and his role in planning the

Bank of Spain heist, the second major heist orchestrated by The Professor and his team. The upcoming

prequel series promises to provide a glimpse into Berlin’s life before his involvement with the Money Heist


Watch the ‘Berlin 2023’ Trailer

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