‘Baghead 2024’: Release date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know

‘Baghead 2024’: Release date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know

Baghead 2024 taps into the age-old horror trope of communicating with the dead, present in various

cultures throughout history. Alberto Corredor, who directed the original 2017 short film, is making his

debut as a feature-length film director. He draws inspiration from Guillermo Del Toro. Written by Bryce

McGuire and Christina Pamies, Baghead, explore the unsettling idea of trying to connect with the

deceased for answers, a theme often seen in horror. The article offers a preview of what to expect from

Baghead suggests some sage burning for those superstitious horror fans.

Baghead 2024 Release date

Baghead 2024 Release date
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The movie is still in post-production, so it appears that the recent WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike’s red tape

hasn’t affected it. Its tentative release date for Mexico is February 8, but it’s not yet known whether US

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Viewers will be able to stream the film on that day. Although a domestic theatrical release of the film is

uncertain, it is extremely possible that viewers will be able to see it online throughout the month of


The Cast And Crew

Who’s in the Cast of ‘Baghead’?
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Jeremy Irvine, known for Treadstone and roles in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and War Horse, is set

to play Kevin, the film’s main protagonist. It’s uncertain who the recently deceased person in his life is, but

it could be a romantic partner or a sister, driving him to venture into the world of communicating with

the dead.

The cast also includes several actresses with undisclosed roles, including Freya Allan (The Witcher), Julika

Jenkins (Dark), Saffron Burrows (You), Svenja Young (The Empress), and Ruby Barker (Bridgerton). Ned

Dennehy, known for Cabin in the Woods, is likely taking over the role of the Gatekeeper, a character who

warns the protagonist against their perilous journey, previously portrayed by Julian Seeger.

Peter Mullan, who appeared alongside Jeremy Irvine in War Horse and Westworld, is also part of the cast,

though his role remains undisclosed.

The Plot

Baghead, inspired by the original short film, delves into the question of whether you would risk

communicating with a recently deceased loved one, even if it might lead to unforeseen consequences.

This “ghost story” centers around Kevin, a grieving young man who is plagued by unanswered questions

after the sudden and tragic death of an important woman in his life.

In his despair, Kevin turns to a shape-shifting witch named Baghead, hoping to make contact with the

deceased. He discovers her in the dingy backroom of a pub and learns that she possesses the ability to

channel the voices of the dead. However, as their session unfolds, Kevin realizes he may have opened a

Pandora’s box that cannot be closed When there’s no chance to change the past or save a life, how far

Would you go to seek answers that ultimately won’t alter the course of previous events?

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