‘Elio 2024’: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and We Know So Far

'Elio 2024': Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and We Know So Far

Disney and Pixar released Elemental this month. Their next project, Elio, is set for 2024, taking audiences

to the stars. It’s reminiscent of Lightyear exploring the universe and promises unique, imaginative

storytelling with relatable themes. Details include the cast, plot, and release date.

‘Elio 2024’: Release Date

'Elio 2024': Release Date
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The current release date for Elio is March 1, 2024. Prior to finally releasing on digital, physical media, and

Disney+ streaming services, it will initially be released only in theatres.

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The Cast And Crew

Who's In the Elio Voice Cast?
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Yonas Kibreab and America Ferrera voice Elio and Olga in the film. Kibreab’s acting career includes TV

roles in shows like “Silicon Valley,” “Sweet Tooth,” and “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Elio marks his first feature film.

America Ferrera, known for “Ugly Betty” and “How to Train Your Dragon,” stars as Olga. She also has

upcoming projects like “Barbie” and “Dumb Money” in 2023.

Jameela Jamil, famous for “The Good Place” and recent roles in “She-Hulk” and “Pitch Perfect,” voices

Ambassador Questa. She’s no stranger to voice acting in shows like “Star Trek: Prodigy” and “Jurassic

World: Camp Cretaceous.” Brad Garrett, best known for “Everybody Loves Raymond,” lends his voice to

Ambassador Grignon. His extensive career spans live-action and animated projects like “Ralph Breaks the

Internet” and “Finding Dory.” Garrett’s recent work includes “High Desert” on Apple TV+ and the movie


The Plot

Elio 2024
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Elio centers on the 11-year-old youngster who serves as the main character’s unintentional Earth

ambassador. Elio is an underdog and a youngster with a lot of creativity. But he couldn’t have envisioned

what came next, not even in his head. Elio is sent to the Communiverse, an intergalactic organization

where creatures from all across the universe assemble, when a disturbing extraterrestrial message comes

on Earth. Therefore, the Communiverse thinks Elio, an Earthling, is there to represent Earth when he

unintentionally interrupts their conference, putting a heavy burden on the young Elio. But ultimately, Elio

comes to terms with his new role, which requires him to form bonds with other aliens, go through a

number of tests, and “somehow discover who he is truly meant to be.”

Watch the First Elio 2024 Trailer

Pixar unveiled the first Elio trailer on June 13, 2023, setting a sci-fi atmosphere with space shots and a

narrator proclaiming the “universe calls back.” The trailer introduces an Air Force base where Elio’s mother

grapples with mysterious demands to deliver Earth’s leader. Elio inadvertently gets involved, leading to

his summoning by the Communiverse as Earth’s ambassador. The tone shifts to wonder as Elio enters a

strange world. He initially rejects his role but realizes that Earth is on trial, though the reason remains a


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