Twisted Metal Season 2 Will Return on Peacock

Twisted Metal Season 2 Will Return on Peacock

Anthony Mackie surprised fans at the 2023 Game Awards by announcing the return of Twisted Metal Season 2 on Peacock. Despite losing Best Adaptation to The Last of Us, Mackie expressed gratitude to fans and revealed the exciting news before presenting the Best Ongoing Game award, won by Cyberpunk 2077. Anthony Mackie announced the second season at the 2023 Game Awards last night.

Thanking Fans, the showrunner of “Twisted Metal”

Twisted Metal Season 2
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Michael Jonathan Smith, the showrunner and executive producer of Twisted Metal, put the fans first. “I have to give a sweet tooth-sized thank you to our incredible fans. I read every comment and was so blown away by everyone’s love, support, and rabid enthusiasm for a paper bag,” he said in expressing his thanks. We are incredibly grateful that the tale of John Doe, Quiet, and Sweet Tooth can continue as they compete in the eagerly anticipated Twisted Metal tournament against both old and new, terrifying opponents. I’m excited to go back on the road with our incredible cast and crew now that the mixtape is complete.

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The Video Game Adaptation Trend in 2023 Continues with Peacock’s Twisted Metal Season 2

The Video Game Adaptation Trend in 2023 Continues with Peacock's Twisted Metal Season 2
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In 2023, video game adaptations have struggled historically, often failing to capture the essence of the original games. However, this year marked a turning point with successes like Twisted Metal, The Last of Us on HBO, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Universal. Twisted Metal stood out with its off-kilter humor and talented cast, staying true to the franchise’s original concept. The season 1 finale hinted at an exciting inter-city tournament in season 2, promising to align more closely with the games’ format. With the success of season 1, Twisted Metal’s continuation on Peacock suggests a positive trend for video game adaptations in 2023.

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