No Way Up: Cast, Director, Plot, Trailer and everything we know

No Way Up: Cast, Director, Plot, Trailer and everything we know

Once a Hollywood staple, the disaster genre faded in recent years, but occasionally a standout like “No Way Up” emerges. Described as a thrilling mix of disaster and survival, it promises adrenaline-laced adventures. For those wary of plane crashes or claustrophobia, it might be too intense. Stay tuned for more on this rollercoaster ride!

No Way Up: Release date

No Way Up: Release date
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Principal photography for “No Way Up” concluded in May 2022, and while there’s been limited news since, it appears post-production is underway. The polished trailer suggests most work is likely done, possibly with some final tweaks. As for a release date, it could hit theaters in summer 2024, ideal for a blockbuster. However, if post-production progresses quickly, a winter or spring 2024 release isn’t out of the question. While speculative, it’s reasonable to assume it won’t be delayed until 2025, given the year-long completion of principal photography.

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The Cast And Crew

Who is starring in No Way Up?
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Originally cast, Kelsey Grammar left “movie” due to scheduling conflicts, with Colm Meaney stepping in. Meaney stars alongside Phyllis Logan and Sophie McIntosh. The trailer hints at Meaney as a capable bodyguard named Brandon, Logan as a determined grandmother, and McIntosh as a young woman named Ava. Meaney is known for “Star Trek,” Logan for “Downton Abbey,” and McIntosh for roles in “Brave New World” and “Last Tango in Halifax.” Other cast members include Will Attenborough, Grace Nettle, James Carroll Jordan, Manuel Pacific, and Jeremias Amoore.

The Plot

No Way Up” unfolds as an unlikely group faces a survival challenge after their plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean, settling on the edge of an abyssal underwater ravine. With a dwindling air supply and the odds stacked against them, the situation becomes even more dire when sharks enter the picture. Director Claudio Fäh describes it as a gripping and extreme story of survival, featuring well-crafted characters overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The film promises to be a rollercoaster ride filled with suspense and thrills.

Who is directing?

Who is directing No Way Up?
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The film “No Way Up” will be helmed by Claudio Fäh, a seasoned action film director from Switzerland. Following a numerous short film projects in the 1990s, Fäh’s first full-length feature, “Coronado,” was released in 2003. Since then, he has acted in films including “Hollow Man 2” (2006), “Sniper: Reloaded” (2011), “Northmen: The Viking Saga” (2014), and “Sniper: Ultimate Kill” (2017). That is a really intense list, ideal for a survival film such as “movie.”

No Way Up: Trailer

The “No Way Up” trailer is a gripping white-knuckle experience, starting with a seemingly routine flight that takes a disastrous turn. A massive hole is ripped in the plane’s side, causing chaos as passengers are sucked into the sky. The second part unfolds as the plane crashes into the ocean, trapping survivors in an air pocket with a diminishing oxygen supply. The tension rises as sharks circle the wreck, and a chilling moment involves a SCUBA diver being yanked away, presumably by one of these predatory creatures. Brace yourself for “No Way Up,” as it delivers the unexpected: sharks on a plane.

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