Spaceman: release date, teaser, cast and everything we know

Spaceman: release date, teaser, cast and everything we know

Spaceman, Sandler’s most recent Netflix film, is expected to fit into the latter group. Among the anticipated blockbusters for Netflix in 2024—beyond The Kitchen, Orion and the Dark, and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F—is undoubtedly Spaceman. Check out our what’s new on Netflix feature to see what more is in store for the first part of 2024 and beyond. But, for Spaceman specifically, we have everything you need to know about the Release date Adam Sandler movie right here.

Spaceman: release date

Spaceman: release date
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Spaceman’s Netflix premiere is set for March 1. There is no mention of any kind of release in movie theaters for Spaceman like recent Netflix movies Maestro, Rustin and The Killer received. But if that changes at all, we’ll be sure to add that info here.
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The Cast and Crew

Spaceman cast
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Adam Sandler leads the way in Spaceman as astronaut Jakub. In fact, according to Netflix’s description on Tudum, he’s going to be one of the only people we see throughout most of the movie. Of course, Sandler certainly has the charisma to pull that off, having starred in classic comedies like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer, but he has also shown his talent in dramatic work with Punch Drunk Love and Uncut Gems.

There will be a few more significant co-stars who appear, even though Sandler might be the only one on screen for a significant amount of the film. Following her critically acclaimed role in Maestro, Carey Mulligan will portray Lenka, Jakub’s earthbound spouse; Kunal Nayyar, star of The Big Bang Theory, will portray technician Peter; Isabella Rossellini, formerly of Julia, will play Commissioner Tuma; and Paul Dano, star of Dumb Money, will voice the monster that Jakub discovers. Although Lena Olin (Hunters) is mentioned as a cast member, her function has not yet been made public.

The Plot

The Plot
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Here is the official synopsis for Spaceman, which is based on Jaroslav Kalfař’s novel Spaceman of Bohemia:

“As an astronaut sent to the edge of the galaxy to collect mysterious ancient dust finds his earthly life falling to pieces, he turns to the only voice who can help him try to put it back together. It just so happens to belong to a creature from the beginning of time lurking in the shadows of his ship.”

Writer of the Spaceman script was Colby Day.

According to Tudum from Netflix, Kalfař saw the film and expressed his amazement, calling it “completely blown away.”

Spaceman trailer

A full trailer for Spaceman has not been shared yet, but Netflix has released a teaser trailer that sees Sandler walking about in his spacesuit as Paul Dano does some voiceover work. Check out the Spaceman teaser right here. 

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