Peaky Blinders Movie: Confirmation And Everything We Know

Peaky Blinders Movie: Confirmation And Everything We Know

With the conclusion of the acclaimed series, attention now shifts to the highly anticipated Peaky Blinders movie, set to bring fans back into the world of Tommy Shelby and his gang. While details remain scarce, it promises an exciting conclusion to the story left hanging after the sixth season. Rather than a seventh season, the movie offers a compelling way forward, potentially providing closure to Tommy’s dilemma between seeking revenge and living a life in hiding. Here is what we know about the Peaky Blinders movie: confirmation and everything we know.

The Peaky Blinders Movie Is Confirmed

The Peaky Blinders Movie Is Confirmed
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The Peaky Blinders movie is unquestionably confirmed, despite the lack of details, and has been in the works for some years. Actors such as Cillian Murphy have expressed uncertainty about the project, but Steven Knight, the film’s creator, has been leading it from the beginning, and his update on the production start time indicates that the film will be released soon.

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The Cast And Crew

The Peaky Blinders Movie Cast
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Official announcements regarding the cast of the Peaky Blinders movie have been scarce. However, considering the characters left standing at the end of the series, some obvious choices can be inferred. While Cillian Murphy expressed some uncertainty about returning as Tommy Shelby, it’s reasonable to assume the project wouldn’t proceed without him.

In an interview with Heart Breakfast, Knight hinted at both familiar faces and new additions, promising surprises. One potential newcomer could be Tom Holland, whom Knight invited to join the movie after the Spider-Man actor revealed he was previously turned down for a role on the show.

The Plot

The Peaky Blinders Movie Story Details
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Knight has revealed that the Peaky Blinders movie will delve into an untold story from the Second World War involving the gang. Despite the series originally aiming to conclude with the onset of WWII, this new direction adds intrigue.

Regarding the protagonist, Tommy Shelby, Knight envisions a redemption arc, as hinted in Metro. Season 6 explored Tommy’s journey towards redemption and his guilt over past actions, suggesting this theme will persist in the movie.

Everything We know

The production window for the Peaky Blinders movie has finally been revealed, following a tonne of small clues. This is the most recent information regarding the feature film continuation. The film’s creator and writer, Steven Knight, has disclosed that “the plan is to start shooting… in the middle of [2024].” Knight has been a key source of information regarding the project thus far. Although a concrete date has not been set, it appears that progress is being made. Given that production is about to begin, the script is probably completed or about to be completed.

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