Pathaan 2 Confirmed: Shah Rukh Khan to Start Filming in End of 2024

Pathaan 2 Confirmed: Shah Rukh Khan to Start Filming in End of 2024

It’s official: Pathaan 2 Confirmed. Shah Rukh Khan would play Pathaan again in a follow-up, according to a new report. Apparently, the movie will start shooting later this year. According to rumors, Aditya Chopra directly collaborated with his team on the script and is laying the groundwork for larger confrontations in Pathaan 2, which may lead to further espionage flicks under the YRF label.

Pinkvilla was informed by a source that Shah Rukh and Aditya had reached a consensus on the script for Pathaan 2. It is stated that the events of Pathaan 2 occur prior to the events of Tiger vs. Pathaan. The movie is supposed to provide the foundation for the historic Salman Khan vs Shah Rukh Khan clash in Tiger vs Pathaan.

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Pathaan 2 Confirmed:

“Pathaan 2 will set up the big-screen confrontation between two cinematic legends and will come before Tiger vs. Pathaan. There is no denying that Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of Pathaan has struck a chord with viewers; in fact, there is a persistent demand from them to see more of SRK in the espionage role. The source told the entertainment portal, “Adi and SRK decided soon after the release in January 2023 to spin Pathaan into a standalone franchise too within the Spy Universe and the former started ideating the sequel of this all-time blockbuster.”

“Pathaan 2 is envisioned as the flagship spy movie of the cosmos, laying the groundwork for more significant conflicts down the road. It will establish the next chapter in the timeline of YRF Spy Universe. The insider revealed that SRK and Aditya are targeting the end of the year to begin filming Pathaan 2, saying, “In fact, P2 sets things up for the big battle between Tiger and Pathaan (Tiger vs. Pathaan) in the future timeline.”

In the meantime, it was previously reported that Salman and SRK intended to begin filming Tiger vs. Pathaan this summer. YRF has not yet responded to these rumors.

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