Minecraft: Release date, Cast And Everything We Know

Minecraft Movie: Release date, Cast And Everything We Know

The much-anticipated Minecraft movie is set to hit the big screens, creating a buzz among fans with its stellar cast and bold adaptation of the popular video game. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Minecraft movie release date, cast, plot, and more.

Minecraft Movie: Release date

Minecraft Movie: Release date
Image credit: GamesRadar

Warner Bros. has officially revealed the release date of the Minecraft movie as April 4, 2025, meaning that the long wait is almost over. The information was made public following the 2014 confirmation of the film’s production, which excited gamers and cinema buffs alike.

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Minecraft Movie: Cast

Minecraft Movie: Cast
Image credit: Punch Drunk

The cast of the Minecraft film includes well-known actors including Matt Berry, Emma Myers, Jack Black, Daniele Brooks, Jason Momoa, and Sebastian Eugene Hansen.

Steve will be portrayed by Jack Black, who was just recognised for his performance as Bowser in the Super Mario film. On January 17, 2024, Jennifer Coolidge entered the cast in an unidentified capacity.

Minecraft Movie: Plot

Minecraft Movie: Plot
Image credit: The Mary Sue

One of the most significant mysteries surrounding the Minecraft movie is its plot. Given the game’s lack of a defined storyline, adapting it into a feature film raises questions about how the creators will weave a narrative around a building block simulator.

The movie’s nature, whether animated or live-action, remains unconfirmed. Speculation abounds on social media, with fans creating art envisioning Jason Momoa’s likeness integrated into the iconic box-like characters from the game.

Minecraft Movie Trailer:

No trailer has yet been released for the Minecraft movie.

Filming for the project was set to get underway in early August 2023 in New Zealand (according to Eurogamer), but was pushed back due to writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood.

Given there is no footage to make a trailer from, it likely will be quite some time before fans get a first glance at the film.

However, with filming set to get started in Q2 2024, audiences should expect a tease sometime in mid-2024.

The movie could possibly time its trailer debut with one of the major gaming events throughout the year. Timing-wise, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest showcase in early June could be the perfect place to pull the curtain back on a first look, putting a likely trailer release date sometime in the second weekend of June 2024; however, given the suspected spring 2024 shooting start, that could be a little early.

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