Parasyte: The Grey: Teaser Reveals Humans and Parasites Fighting in a Tensed Battle

Parasyte: The Grey: Teaser Reveals Humans and Parasites Fighting in a Tensed Battle

Parasyte: The Grey is based on the original comic Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki, which sold an accumulated record of over 25 million copies in over 30 regions and countries with its ingenious imaginative storyline of a parasite permeating through a human brain and controlling its body, and philosophical message. Watch Parasyte: The Grey: Teaser below.

Parasyte: The Grey: Teaser

Get ready for the highly anticipated teaser trailer and poster for “Parasyte: The Grey,” giving viewers a tantalizing glimpse into its gripping narrative. Helmed by director Yeon Sang-ho, the series promises to delve deeper into the beloved “Parasyte” manga universe. The story follows Su-in (played by Jeon So-nee), a woman coming to terms with living alongside a parasitic entity, while facing off against the determined Team Grey, dedicated to combatting these enigmatic lifeforms.

The teaser trailer unveils a world overrun by parasites, controlling humans with sinister intent. Kang-woo searches for his missing sibling while evading a relentless parasite. Team Grey, led by Jun-kyung, engages in a perilous battle against these invaders. The teaser hints at Su-in’s mysterious alliance with a parasite named Heidi, leaving viewers eager for answers. Don’t miss the action-packed premiere of Parasyte: The Grey on April 5, exclusively on Netflix.

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Parasyte: The Grey unveiled a brand-new, exciting poster that shows Jeon So Nee changing into a parasite.

Parasyte: The Grey has finally dropped a new poster for the series featuring the lead actress Jeon So Nee. Read on to know more and to see the poster.

Parasyte: The Grey, based on a Japanese Manga series has unearthed its latest poster with a chilling visual display, that is bound to deliver a thrilling experience.

On March 7, Netflix revealed the new poster of the upcoming thriller series Parasyte: The Grey. The enticing visual display of the poster features the lead actress Jeon So Nee, who seems to be transforming into a spine-chilling parasite.

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