Franklin Trailer: Michael Douglas In a New Apple TV+ Series

Franklin Trailer: Michael Douglas In a New Apple TV+ Series

Franklin Trailer: Benjamin Franklin, despite his notable presence in various historical adaptations and actual history, doesn’t play a significant role in “Hamilton,” one of the most popular blends of American Revolutionary history and storytelling in recent times. However, he is now taking center stage in an Apple TV+ drama featuring Michael Douglas. Dive into the world of this iconic Founding Father, known for his kite-flying experiments and eloquent phrases, in this new series.

Franklin Trailer:

Rather than aiming to cover every aspect of Benjamin Franklin’s life, the Apple TV+ drama “Franklin Trailer,” based on Stacy Schiff’s book “A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, And The Birth Of America,” zooms in on a specific period. It delves into a crucial phase when Franklin is given a significant mission. With American independence in jeopardy amid intense conflict with Britain, Franklin is sent to France to secure crucial support for the struggling republic.

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Even at the age of 70, Franklin’s enthusiasm for life remains undimmed. Despite lacking formal diplomatic experience, he relies on his intelligence and wit to navigate through challenges, including British spies, French informers, and complex relationships, to forge the Franco-American alliance of 1778 that proved vital for America’s survival during its early years as an independent nation.

“Franklin” features an impressive cast including Noah Jupe as Temple, Benjamin Franklin’s grandson, alongside Thibault de Montalembert, Ludivine Sagnier, Eddie Marsan, and Theodore Pellerin as Marquis de Lafayette (admit it, you sang it in your head too).

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The series will debut on Apple TV+ on April 12th with the first three episodes, followed by a weekly release schedule until the season finale on May 17th. Get ready to delve into the intriguing world of Benjamin Franklin’s diplomatic endeavors and historical significance in this upcoming drama series.

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