Poolman: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know

Poolman: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know

Hollywood is preparing a mystery-comedy called Poolman. Actor Chris Pine, who also co-wrote, co-produced, and stars in it, makes his directing debut. The film’s intriguing heist-related premise has generated a lot of buzz lately. Fans are obviously excited to learn about the film’s cast, narrative, and other aspects, as it is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. In this article, we discuss about Poolman release date, cast, plot and more. For more information about movie click here.

Poolman: Release Date

Poolman: Release Date
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Poolman had its world premiere on September 11, 2023, at the Toronto International Film Festival. Both reviewers and viewers had differing opinions of the film. May 10, 2024, is when the movie is scheduled to premiere on huge screens.

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Poolman: Cast

Poolman: Cast
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Chris Pine stars as Darren Barrenman in the lead role of “Poolman,” a film that delves into a complex crime narrative. Annette Bening portrays Diane, adding depth to the ensemble cast.

Bening brings her wealth of experience from successful films and acclaimed performances, having garnered prestigious awards such as BAFTA and Golden Globe recognitions. Alongside Pine and Bening, the film features notable talents like Danny DeVito as Jack Denisoff, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Susan, Ray Wise as Van Patterson, and Juliet Mills as Mrs. Van Patterson.

Additionally, the cast includes seasoned actors such as Stephen Tobolowsky, DeWanda Wise, Clancy Brown, and Ariana DeBose, further enriching the film’s lineup with their impressive credentials and contributions to the industry. “Poolman” promises a captivating story brought to life by a talented and diverse cast.

Poolman: Plot

Poolman: Plot
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“Poolman” follows the journey of Darren Barrenman (portrayed by Chris Pine), a pool cleaner in Los Angeles, California, who stumbles upon an intriguing job opportunity at Tahitian Tiki’s apartment. Offered by a mysterious woman, he is tasked with unraveling the complexities of business dealings.

Darren enlists the help of his friends Jack Denisoff and Diane (played by Danny DeVito and Annette Bening, respectively) to confront a corrupt land developer and politician. As they delve deeper into the tangled web of corruption, Darren uncovers startling truths about the city of LA and discovers surprising revelations about himself.

Notably, “Poolman” marks Chris Pine’s directorial debut, showcasing his talent behind the camera. Pine co-writes the film with Ian Gotler and also serves as a producer alongside Gotler, Stacey Sher, and Patty Jenkins. This project signifies a reunion between Pine and Jenkins, following their successful collaboration on the two “Wonder Woman” films, promising an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Poolman: Trailer

The official trailer for “Poolman,” released on March 15th, 2024, offers a glimpse into the film’s intriguing narrative and playful tone. Spanning approximately two minutes, the trailer opens with Chris Pine’s character, Darren Barrenman, zooming around on a scooter and playfully tossing an orange, setting a quirky and energetic tone from the start.

The trailer cleverly acknowledges its own status as a promotional tool, with a voice-over humorously remarking about potentially spoiling the film’s ending. This self-awareness continues as the narrative voice thanks viewers for engaging with the trailer, creating an interactive and engaging experience.

We are introduced to Darren Barrenman, the affable pool cleaner who has a deep love for Los Angeles and a desire to improve the city. He introduces us to his friends, Jack and Diane, played by Danny DeVito and Annette Bening, respectively. The plot thickens when Darren meets June Delray, who enlists his help in uncovering corruption within the city council, setting the stage for a captivating story of intrigue and humor.

The trailer showcases a montage of high-speed and captivating scenes from “Poolman,” building anticipation and excitement among the audience. The overall vibe of the trailer is breezy and chill, reminiscent of indie comedy films from the early 2000s, promising a unique and entertaining cinematic experience for viewers.

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