Star Wars Tales of the Empire: Everything We Know So Far

Star Wars Tales of the Empire: Everything We Know So Far

Introducing “Star Wars: Tales of the Empire,” a thrilling departure from the norm in the Star Wars universe. Departing from the conventional live-action or animated series, this installment follows in the footsteps of “Visions,” offering a collection of short stories that defy categorization.

Unlike its predecessor, “Tales of the Jedi,” this series delves into the shadows, illuminating the dark side of the Force in bite-sized narratives. Expect a riveting exploration of beloved characters from a fresh perspective, unveiling unseen facets of their journeys.

Prepare to witness fan-favorite characters in a new, tantalizing light as “Tales of the Empire” promises to unveil previously unexplored chapters of their evolution. With each tale, viewers will be immersed in the depths of the dark side, experiencing the allure and consequences of its power.

Star Wars Tales of the Empire: Release date

Star Wars Tales of the Empire: Release date
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Star Wars: Tales of the Empire is set to release in full on Saturday, May 4. 2024’s Star Wars Day will certainly be one to remember.

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Tales of the Empire: Cast

Tales of the Empire: Cast
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As the release of Star Wars: Tales of the Empire approaches, the confirmed cast promises a stellar lineup of talent, though some roles are still shrouded in mystery. Here’s the current roster:

Diana Lee Inosanto: Morgan Elsbeth
Meredith Salenger: Barriss Offee
Rya Kihlstedt: Lyn, also known as the Fourth Sister
Wing T. Chao: Wing
Lars Mikkelsen: Thrawn
Jason Isaacs: Grand Inquisitor
Matthew Wood: General Grievous
While the complete ensemble may not yet be unveiled, anticipation builds as each announcement brings fresh excitement. Stay tuned for further updates as we journey closer to May the 4th and the debut of Tales of the Empire.

Star Wars Tales of the Empire: Plot

Tales of the Empire, which is divided into two parts, follows Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth and former Jedi Barriss Offee in a manner similar to how Tales of the Jedi followed Ahsoka and Count Dooku.

We follow a younger Morgan Elsbeth as she embarks on a dark side vengeance quest during the first part of the story.
The remaining portion focuses on Bariss Offee as she crosses over from the Jedi to the dark side. As she becomes more and more disenchanted with the Jedi way of life, her studies lead her down a darker road, one that is not without danger in the “rapidly changing galaxy.”

Star Wars Tales of the Empire: Trailer

From its release date to a breakdown of the storylines in focus, here’s everything you need to know about Star Wars: Tales of the Empire.

How many episodes of Tales of the Empire is there?

Tales of the Empire boasts six shorts in total.

Exactly how long they each might be, as well as the total runtime, remain a mystery for now. Though based on Tales of the Jedi, we can expect similar durations for each episode, roughly between the 15–20-minute mark.


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