Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever: Everything We Know

Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever: Everything We Know

Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever‘ follows Emma, daughter of the original film’s protagonist, as she uncovers dark secrets surrounding her parents’ past. Her investigation unwittingly reawakens the bloodlust of a psychopath, setting off a chain of violent events.

Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever Release date

Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever Release date
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Shudder has unveiled the official US trailer for ‘Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever,’ the sequel to the 1994 cult horror film. The movie, set to stream on Shudder from May 17, 2024, features Nikolaj Coster-Waldau alongside Danish actors Fanny Bornedal and Alex Høgh Andersen. Original cast members, Kim Bodnia and Ulf Pilgaard, also return, with Coster-Waldau reprising his role as Martin.

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The Cast And Crew

Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever Cast
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Coster-Waldau, who rose to fame as Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones series, and Bodnia, known for his roles in Killing Eve and The Witcher, bring their talents to this sequel. ‘Demons Are Forever’ premiered at the 2023 London Film Festival, followed by a theatrical release in Nordic countries. The US release is exclusive to Shudder.

Demons Are Forever Plot

Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever Plot
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Written and directed by Ole Bornedal, who also directed the original, ‘Demons Are Forever’ introduces Martin’s daughter Emma, played by Fanny Bornedal. Emma takes a job as a night watch in the forensic department where her parents nearly met their demise at the hands of the psychopathic police inspector Wormer, who was portrayed by Pilgaard.

As Emma seeks answers amidst her father’s struggle with her mother’s death, she inadvertently triggers a violent reprisal from Wormer, whose thirst for revenge is reignited.

Demons Are Forever Trailer

Here is the trailer.

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