In a Violent Nature: Release date, cast, and everything we know

In a Violent Nature: Release date, cast, and everything we know

Chris Nash, a first-time feature picture writer and director, is eager for “In a Violent Nature,” his project, to be released. The reviews sound like pure evil! The film, which debuted at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, has garnered excellent reviews, with several critics characterizing it as “evil gripping the forest.” The narrative is examined from the perspective of the murderer rather than the victim. The Collider has reported on this. In this article, we discuss In a Violent Nature: Release date, cast, and More.

In a Violent Nature: Release date

In a Violent Nature: Release date
Image credit: Shudder

In a Violent Nature reaches theaters on May 31. A release on Shudder is expected to follow soon after.

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In a Violent Nature: Cast

In a Violent Nature: Cast
Image credit: iHORROR

“In a Violent Nature” is indeed a project with a diverse cast. With the information you provided, here’s a brief overview of each actor’s involvement:

Ry Barrett as Johnny: Likely a central character in the story, portrayed by Barrett, known for his roles in various genres.
Andrea Pavlovic: The role of Pavlovic in the project isn’t specified, but she adds depth to the ensemble.
Cameron Love: Love’s role is unspecified, but their inclusion suggests a varied ensemble.
Reece Presley: Another actor whose role isn’t specified, contributing to the ensemble.
Liam Leone: Yet another actor without a specified role, but adding to the project’s cast.
Charlotte Creaghan: Creaghan’s inclusion hints at a potentially multi-dimensional character.
Lea Rose Sebastianis: Sebastianis likely brings a unique presence to the project.
Sam Roulston: Roulston’s role adds to the depth of the ensemble, though specifics aren’t provided.
Alexander Oliver: Oliver’s inclusion suggests a diverse range of characters.
Lauren Taylor: Taylor’s role isn’t specified, but her presence adds to the ensemble’s dynamics.
It seems like a diverse and talented cast, each likely contributing to the story in their own unique way.

In a Violent Nature: Plot

The film follows the journey of Johnny, a zombie-like creature, who is woken up from his rest when a locket is snatched from the fire tower where he had died earlier. He is now possessed by an animalistic nature to kill others spurred by a 60 year old crime. As he walks through the forest, he finds an assortment of weapons. A voice appears out of nowhere and warns people to stay out of the forest. Those who heed to the warning are safe whereas those who do not, get killed by Johnny.

Johnny’s victims are a bunch of teenagers, who seek to have fun in the forest until the supernatural powers that have taken over Johnny spoil their fun and result in dangerous circumstances.

In a Violent Nature: Trailer

Here is the trailer of the movie:

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