Insidious 6 Officially Confirmed, Set for 2025 Release Date

Insidious 6 Officially Confirmed, Set for 2025 Release Date

The popular horror franchise Insidious will return, as an Insidious 6 release date has been officially confirmed. The highly successful Blumhouse Productions franchise, which debuted with Insidious in 2010, revolves around the Lambert family dealing with their home and comatose son being plagued by evil spirits from a world known as The Further. The franchise has grossed more than $730 million worldwide, with a combined production budget of $42.5 million, and the fifth film, 2023’s Insidious: The Red Door, was a box office hit.

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After seemingly concluding the franchise’s Lambert story, it was believed that the fifth installment would be the final one, but Sony Pictures Releasing has officially added a new Indisious movie to its theatrical slate. The film is scheduled for an August 29, 2025, release date and is altogether separate from the franchise’s spin-off, Thread: An Insidious Tale. The plot details for Insidious 6 are currently under wraps, and it is unclear who, if any, of the legacy cast members will return for the film.

Insidious 6 Officially Confirmed: Is That Be The Final Installment or Not?

Insidious 6 Officially Confirmed: Is That Be The Final Installment or Not?
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Insidious has proven to be one of the most successful horror franchises of recent times, so it stands to reason that the studio would want it to continue. The announcement of Insidious 6 is perhaps an unexpected one, though, as Insidious 5 seemed to conclude the Lamberts’ story, but it’s entirely possible the franchise will shift away from the central family.

Insidious: The Red Door’s ending showed the lights above the sealed door to The Further flickering back on, suggesting the evil that resides there is still very much active. That evil could always be visited upon new, unsuspecting characters. It’s also unclear at this point whether the new movie will even continue from The Red Door; it might instead choose to serve as a prequel, perhaps focusing on Josh Lambert’s complex childhood with astral projection.

But the future of the Insidious film series will depend a lot on finalizing the right script, settling on the creative direction of the project, and securing the right cast. Co-creator James Wan’s relationship with Blumhouse would make it easy for him to return as a producer, but there’s currently no word whether co-creator Whannell, who scripted the first four movies, or Wilson, who also directed The Red Door, will be involved.

The confirmation of Insidious 6 shows the faith that Sony and Blumhouse have in the project, and given the finality of the previous movie, it’s unlikely they would greenlight another attempt at a franchise ending so soon. There’s likely hope that, if the movie is successful, it will be a new beginning of sorts for the horror series.

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