1.The Queen's Gambit (Miniseries) A brilliant chess prodigy battles her inner demons and societal constraints.

2.The Witch A Puritan family in 1630s New England encounters supernatural forces lurking in the nearby woods.

3.Emma A young woman navigates the complexities of love and matchmaking in Regency-era England.

4.Split A man with multiple personalities kidnaps three teenage girls, unleashing a dangerous battle

5.Thoroughbreds Two affluent teenagers form an unlikely alliance as they plot a dark and twisted crime.

6.The New Mutants While confined in a covert institution, a group of teenage mutants with amazing talents must confront their history.

7.Last Night in Soho A young fashion student is mysteriously transported back in time to 1960s London

8.radioactive A biographical drama exploring the life and groundbreaking work of scientist Marie Curie.

9.Emma's Chance A troubled girl finds solace and healing through her bond with a neglected horse.

10.The Northman A Viking prince seeks revenge for the murder of his father in medieval Iceland.